Go Orange for MDUK – Charity Fundraising

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Go Orange for a Day Go Orange for a Day encourages people to dress up in orange for muscular dystrophy, a condition affecting many including myself. Previously, I wrote a post on coping and I am planning on writing posts about my disability experiences. By doing this I hope to raise awareness on Muscular Dystrophy […]


Ryzen 3rd Gen – Should You Get AMDs New CPUs?

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Ryzen 3rd Gen CPU If you’ve followed AMD, you would’ve heard of the new Ryzen 3rd gen processors. Obviously, with new CPUs and generation comes better power and performance. If you’re looking to upgrade your CPU soon, read on. It might be enough to help you decide what to upgrade to. What’s new? To be […]


Let’s talk about the new Gutenberg editor

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WordPress 5.0 WordPress 5.0 was released recently with its new Gutenberg editor and has already sparked discussion in the WordPress community.¬†Writer and bloggers alike are complaining about how difficult it is to use, including myself. Unfortunately, for me this was because of my lack of understanding of the new editor. There so much to do […]


Staying Safe Online – Saturday Security

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Dangerous World The internet is a wonderful place to get everything you need but staying safe online has become even more difficult. Whether you are shopping, using social media or reading informational sources, attackers want your data. If you are not ready online, attackers will take advantage of you. This weeks Saturday Security aims to […]


In The News #1 – Quora, Citrix and More…

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In the Week Another week, another series of events happening. This post is the first of the series, where I will be covering news that has happened.¬†Cyber Security events, technology news and more are covered in this post… There will also be links connecting the news items to articles so you can read more. During […]


December 2018 – Dynamic Double Blog Update #5

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December 2018 Another month, another blog update. Yes, it’s our monthly post update for December 2018. November shot by and 2019 is approaching us soon. Sit back for a minute from Christmas shopping and let’s get on with the update. If you happened to miss last months update, you can check it out by clicking […]


Cyber Security Humble Bundle – 9 Days Left!

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Cyber Security Bundle Want to learn about cyber security without breaking the bank? Well you’re in luck as Humble Bundle have released a cyber security bundle. Unfortunately, there are only a few days left before this vanishes, so don’t wait til it’s too late! Some of the books cover topics, such as… Nmap. Cyber Intelligence. […]


7 Things Not To Do With Your Password – Saturday Security

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Passwords Stolen When your password is stolen, it can cause so much trouble. Many people use the same passwords, others share them and even sell their password. Unfortunately, some of the ways we store them are questionable. Up to 56% of UK people would sell their work passwords. As scary as it seems, it is […]


Smombies are taking over! Are you a Smombie?

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Smombie Epidemic Addicted to your phone? It might actually be enough to get yourself killed! Smartphones are common devices used by us today. While they do come in handy to get into contact with people and manage daily tasks, they can also be dangerous to us too. Addiction, using it while we drive and even […]


Success – Tips to Succeed

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Success Our last post covered completing university deadlines, where success lied in managing you time and submitting your work. By completing the deadline, it meant you could get a grade and succeed by hopefully getting a degree. So how exactly do you succeed when it comes to goals away from university? In this post I […]