Keeping Your Identity Secure: Phishing Edition

Cyber Security

Contents     Security neglectIdentifying PhishingDefending Yourself from a Phishing AttackConclusionFirst Guest Post!     Security neglect “Pride goeth before the fall.”      This popular phrase has rung true for many characters throughout history, and to this day we are still witnessing it first hand, and that’s because it’s easy to get cocky. We do it all […]


Why experiences matter for everyone


Contents Experiences MatterExperiences help you pick the right products for youHelping you growDoing things betterMaking things betterCareer progressHow to share experiences?Do you have an experience? Experiences Matter All experiences good and bad shape who we are. Without experiences we wouldn’t be able to understand what we like or dislike. In many cases experiences teach us […]


Why food waste is a problem for all of us

General, Let's Talk

Throwing away food have adverse affects on our economy, environment via landfil emissions and adds to the growing food problem. Last year £26 billion worth of food was wasted in the United Kingdom alone.

Follow us in today’s post where we will be finding out more about food waste as well as talking to Rubies in the Rubble, a company keen on solving food wastage problems through the creation of their products.


How to make your fuel station trips easier – fuelService


Contents Struggling at the fuel stationWhat is fuelService?Using fuelServiceTopped Up Struggling at the fuel station Anyone with a disability knows the struggle of going to the fuel station to top on on petrol or diesel. Trying to fuel up independently can be a difficult task and asking for help at the station takes ages, taking […]


Time management – tips to better use your time

Tips and Tricks

Contents Time management is something we all needWhy is time management important?Time management tips and tricksExperiences in time managementFactors affecting time managementTime management ready Time management is something we all need Time management is something we must do in our lives. Without good planning we stop ourselves from enjoying the free time we have. In […]


How powerchair football started for me – Duchenne Diary #1


Contents Sport EngagementStory begins… Powerchair Football StoryWhat is Powerchair Football?Sport develops your SkillsAcceptanceShit HappensSometimes we move on from sport…Time to get into sport… Sport Engagement Engaging sport can help you grow in different ways. It helps the mind, keeps you fit and helps you develop key skills in life. Even with disability you should always […]


Daylio – planning and keeping track of your life


Contents Planning your lifePerks of DaylioImprovementsGet tracking! Planning your life Planning your lives can be a big hassle. I regularly find myself forgetting things I need to do, losing track of progress. There was never much time to keep track  on what I had acheived in the day, without spending too long writing it all […]


The soap range that lasts for ages – Bulldog Skincare


Contents Staying CleanBulldog Soap RangeShaving Blade – BonusBulldog Soap Range Verdict Staying Clean Keeping clean is an essential part of our lives. Bath or shower, we need to make sure our skin is looked after well so that we can take on the day feeling fresh and clean. Picking the correct products can be troublesome […]


PennyLane Nottingham – venue experience

Food and Drink

Contents Seaside Days – PennyLaneFirst ImpressionsRecommendationsCheck Out PennyLane! Seaside Days – PennyLane Remember those days as a child where you went to the seaside – enjoying the sun, building sand castles on the beach, eating ice creams, etc. We all loved to relax and enjoy ourselves. When you wasn’t on the beach, you would be […]


Why consistent awareness training Is essential for better business security

Cyber Security

Contents People Are ThreatsReasons for Awareness TrainingAwareness TipsJump in on the Awareness People Are Threats People are one of the most dangerous security threats your business could face. They can unintentionally do things that could lead to security vulnerabilities or threats exploit systems. Lack of raising awareness on best practices and the correct rules will […]