Tips that will help you succeed – tips to succeed

General, Tips and Tricks

Contents SuccessWhat is Success?Tips for SuccessStrive for Success Success Our last post covered completing university deadlines, where success lied in managing you time and submitting your work. By completing the deadline, it meant you could get a grade and succeed by hopefully getting a degree. So how exactly do you succeed when it comes to […]


How I never gave up despite the odds of having a disability


Contents Giving Up DilemmaAcceptanceSimple Things HelpHelping Each OtherLove is Powerful Giving Up Dilemma When you are diagnosed with a life changing condition, giving up feels unavoidable. It puts you in a vulnerable state where you feel like your world has crumbled before you. Sometimes it can be difficult to cope and sometimes you are able […]


A coffee worth having delivered to your door – Bean to Door

Food and Drink

Contents CoffeeBean to DoorBean to Door BlogLast Cup Coffee Before starting a long day in the office or relaxing after a day out, coffee is the perfect choice. It’s tasty, flavourful and it gives you the energy to carry on and tackle the day. It is perfect for anyone to indulge in. Maybe you want […]


The sensitive face wash you should be using – 31st State Facewash


Contents Face Washing31st StateUsing the ProductPost-Wash Face Washing Washing yourself is a key part of your life as it enables you to remove all the dirt accumulated over the day. Although, at times its difficult to find the right face/ body wash. Many available claim to so wonders on your face and forget the simple […]


How to make the most of amazon charitable service – Amazon Smile


Contents Online MarketplaceAmazon SmileStep 1 : Sign Up to Amazon SmileStep 2 : Select Your CharityStep 3 : Remember PageStep 4 : Get Shopping!Conclusion Online Marketplace After our recent post on Cashback, I decided to look at some alternative ways to raise money. Through some research online and from regularly shopping on a particular website, […]


Why you need to be using these cashback websites – 4 cashback websites worth using


Contents Cashback WebsitesTopCashBackBoom25EasyFundraisingHoneyConclusion Cashback Websites Cashback websites enable people to get something back when buying products online. Many cashback websites aim to give back money, vouchers, donations and points back to the customers for using their cashback website to track while they shop. In this post I will be sharing some of the top cashback […]


Festivals and Disability – the leeds festival experience


Contents First ActAccessibilityMuddy/Wet FestivalLeeds Festival PerformancesLeeds Festival Improvements for DisabilityFinal Act First Act Leeds Festival is a place where various artists and groups share their music in front of vast audiences. Thousands of people attend Leeds Festival every year to enjoy these acts, including many with disabilities/ accessible needs. In this post I will be discussing […]


How you can save the planet through searching online – Ecosia


Contents Search EnginesWhat Is Ecosia?Ecosia ProjectsHow Does Ecosia Work?How Do You Get Ecosia?Ecosia Search Engine Review Ways Ecosia Would Have a Huge ImpactPrivacy PolicyVerdict Search Engines Everyday there are billions of searches done online with most searches being made on Google. A lot of search engines like Google use your search results to improve their products and give […]


The shaving subscription revolutionising how we shave forver – Boldking


Revolutionary Shaving Shaving Subscriptions – Short Recap Since shaving came it has come in a range of services from subscriptions, on demand via supermarket or online purchases and to services being available at the local barber. The main focus of shaving is to remove our unwanted hair from our face and bodies. Recently, there has […]


A premium shaving experience you can’t live without – Harry’s Shaving Subscription


Contents Harry’s Shaving RazorsHarry’s Trail PackHarry’s Shaving SetsHarry’s BladesShaving QualityShaving Cream QualitySelecting Subscription ServiceValue for Money?Variety?Improvements?Conclusion Harry’s Shaving Razors Harry’s is shaving company dedicated to providing affordable shaving products via its online subscription service but does this come at the price of quality? Harry’s Trail Pack To try Harry’s, I purchased the trail kit to […]