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Working can seem like a boring thing where you stare at a screen or do stacking shelves. But when it comes to disability, it can be a great thing to do and can come with positive affects. In this post I will be covering my experience in working and some of the potential benefits.

Access to Work

Access to Work is a scheme available to help those with disabilities get help while at work. During my year working in industry I applied to get equipment to help me transfer into a desk chair. Even in the workplace, posture is everything and having that desk chair enabled me to keep a good posture as well as helping me relax, hence raising productivity. More in Access to Work can be found here.

Skills from Working

Time Management

Completing work will be a fundamental part of work. You will be required to complete certain tasks/ things in a set period and others when possible. Sara Uzer, a lifestyle blogger has a good post on time management here, you should check it out!

Organisation / Responsibilities

Similar to Time Management, you will learn how to organise yourself. Things like prioritising your work, sorting out meetings and managing your responsibilities around your working hours will be a regular thing. While this can sometimes be overwhelming, appointments and other things can be organised around this. During one of my weeks at work, I had to get an engineer out to my car to fix something that was wrong with my car. It did need me to sign them in but overall it wasn’t complicated and everything was straight forward in terms of getting them to come to where I work.

Communication / Teamwork

Collaborating with other whether it be your team or fellow colleague, is an essential part of impacting the business. By working with others you will be working on a common goal or bigger project. In my workplace, teamwork and communication is essential to make sure everything from the running to background processes of the company work effectively. From working, I have learned that talking to others is essential. Without this sort of communication, it can complicate tasks that would otherwise be easy if you was to communicate and collaborate with others.

Leadership / Problem-Solving

Another skill you will learn is how to lead in various scenarios. Maybe some team members are off work or you are given increased responsibility at work, which you are required to lead. In some cases you may have to make important decisions to help the success of a project if you are in this place. Alternatively, you will need to come up with your own solutions to problems you have been allocated at work. Previously I have been responsible for managing particular tasks and using my problem solving to come up with a suitable resolution.

Benefits of Working


The skills above will most likely be gained by completing tasks, projects and as part of everyday working. Experiences you gain from work will be essential at growing your career and using what you have gained from working to further your career is important. After all, developing yourself and getting the best job to suit your needs is a good way to stay more productive and positive about going to work. 

Getting Paid!!!

One good thing about working is getting paid. It can be quite rewarding when you earn money as you’re getting something back for doing hard work. It also makes saving up for things worthwhile as you know you’ve deserved it after saving up enough money. I saved up enough to upgrade my computer and the feeling was really rewarding. Although, it is still important to maximise your spending by using cashback sites, donating a small amount to charity through services like Amazon Smile or following saving tips like in this post written by Awesome Blossom.

Disadvantages of Working

Tiredness will Strike

Anyone working will experience feeling tired. While it is troublesome, you can manage this by following a healthy diet like drinking plenty of water, eating energy filled food and getting plenty of rest. Alternatively, Access to Work can help you with managing tiredness (if your eligible). I didn’t opt for one as I felt I was able to manage doing things around the office independently.


Sometimes staying motivated can seem difficult, especially when the work gets tough or feels dry. Unfortunately, there will be work you won’t like as well as enjoy. But if you do find yourself struggling, ask other to help and get talking to people. In most cases somebody else in the office might have enough experience to help you out. Asking for help also applies if you are working with a disability. To put it simple, it is OK to ask!


Another way to stay motivated is through the art of music. Unless you will need to be answering calls all day, nothing beats listening to your favourite tunes! Depending on the mood, I would usually listen to upbeat and rocky music to keep myself focused. If you are planning on listening to a lot of music, I would recommend getting a service like Amazon Music or Spotify. Alternatively, looking at motivational quotes from things like #MotivationMonday can help too.

quote saying "punch today in the face".

End of the Day Working

You have made it to the end of the day (post in this case). Hopefully this experience has changes your perceptions on working whether you’ve got a or not. Working can be a marvellous thing and if you possibly can get yourself a job. While my experience was mainly positive, finding the right job is not easy. Once, you find the correct one, I trust you it will be worthwhile.

Be sure to keep visiting Dynamic Double for future experiences, news and updates! Last but not least, your experiences matter so share your own working experiences in the comments below!

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