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Food and Drink / Sunday, March 17th, 2019

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Many of us may or may not drink tea . Nonetheless, having a brew is the best feeling you could have. We have tea we like and dislike and flavours we have yet to try. Although, one thing that many of us disagree is the brand which is the best. You probably already knew what this post was about, just from the title. Hopefully you already drink Yorkshire tea too. But to reiterate, today we are going to be going through the reasons why Yorkshire Tea is the best tea ever and why you should be drinking it. Pop on the kettle and grab your favourite mug because we are going to be brewing some mean tea. Tea drinkers unite!

Yorkshire Tea History

Before we jump into the reasons Yorkshire Tea is the best tea, we should understand some of its history. After all, we need to salute the legacy of the greatest tea alive if we’re going to be discussing how great it is. In short, Yorkshire Tea was found in 1886 in Harrogate, which you may have guessed is in the Yorkshire area. They offer tea from Taylors of Harrogate blended teas, to their signature Yorkshire Tea brew, which is ethically source the tea and make sure it is great quality for our shelves. Obviously, as I am covering Yorkshire Tea today, the brand surely holds up to its name as the perfect home tea.

Reasons Why Yorkshire Tea is The Best Tea

The Company is Environmentally Friendly

One of the reasons it is the best tea, is their campaigns. They offer the tree growing initiatives, ensure farming for the tea lives are sustainable and they have a good carbon reductions campaign. There are plenty of other campaigns too, which means they are always looking for ways to help the planet. They don’t just love the tea they make, they love the planet too by doing the small things that matter. Although, this does not mean your kettle is any better for the environment, they are still energy hungry beasts.

Great Taste

Another reason this tea is the best is from its taste. We already know that tea offers that satisfying flavour with every brew. However, with Yorkshire tea, it has a taste like no other. It has a great balance of tea flavours and when milk is added, there is no other flavour like it. No matter how strong you choose to have it, you will not be disappointed. Additionally, it taste so good that you will not need sugar in to sweeten it up (unless you have a sweet tooth).

Great Flavours

Alternatively, the tea is offered in a variety of flavours, all in which offer outstanding quality. One of my favourite flavours of the brew, is the Biscuit Brew Tea flavour. It offers a great balance of tea and biscuit that make it feels like you have actually dipped a biscuit in it. It is good for those who want a biscuit flavoured tea without the mess or crumbs sinking to the bottom of your mug and ruining your brew. There are also Hard Water Tea, Bedtime Tea and a Strong Breakfast Tea flavour, which gives a huge variety when it comes to selecting your prefered tea. Click on the flavour names to view them on Amazon.

Britians Favourite

Finally, Yorkshire Tea is one of the UKs favourite tea the UK has to offer. It is currently number 1 on the ranker website. While this isn’t a definitive list, it is a favourite for quite a few people already, just showing how popular it is. Alternatively, it has been considered rank 2 by the Evening Standard and rank 1 by the telegraph in 2017 for national tea day, so there’s no reason not to believe this is true…

How to Drink

To make sure you get the perfect taste, you should always follow the instructions on the box. However, if you are still unsure, here are some instructions to make sure the perfect brew:

  1. Pre-warm your mug with hot water.
  2. Add your teabag.
  3. Brew for up to 4 minutes.
  4. Add your preferred milk (semi-skimmed is preferable) after brewing.
  5. Avoid adding sugar if you can bare tea without sugar.

Time to Enjoy Your Brew

Hopefully by reading these points, you should understand the reasons why Yorkshire Tea is the best tea. If you interested in getting involved in a tea drinkers community, why not join our Yorkshire Tea Appreciation Society which can be found on Facebook by clicking here. Additionally, if you would like to see more content, such as this please feel free to check back on the Dynamic Double blog. On this blog we have the latest experiences, reviews, updates and more.



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