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General / Thursday, November 8th, 2018

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November is here…

The update for November 2018 is here! If you are new, this post is mainly a recap over the previous month and a bit of a discussion on what’s to come. Sit back, relax and let’s get into the November 2018 update.

October Recap

October was one of the best months yet in terms of views and blog development. There was noticeably larger content being published and the social media pages have been more active too. So what exactly did last month include?

More Experiences

Fortunately, I focused more on writing about experiences this month with a few posts for more personal subjects. These subjects really aim to give a better representation of how disability can affect people differently. Although, these posts are difficult to write as they need more honestly to go in it. Stating the facts are easy but admitting the realities of disability is not always easy.

Another was the experimental posts I had started, such as my the post on drinking water. Most importantly, the post aims to develop to give a better post over time. With this there will be plenty of revisions and improvements to the posts, much like a diary. However, this doesn’t mean it will stick as it is only an experimental idea for now.

November of Beyond


Silence is security but so is informing people on how to keep secure. A few posts I am writing will be focusing on how to set better passwords and talk through some tools and websites to get cyber security knowledge. Alternatively, I be will trying to cover more on technology/ security news posts and some discussion posts.

The Usual

More experiences is always on the list for every month. Although, what exactly do we have on offer? Well… We’ve got… More experiences on the way of course with a disability driving experience and refinement of older experience posts.


Sometimes people need help to push forward. There will be plenty of polls and posts to try to get some feedback from you all. Our Facebook page and other places aren’t being used to its full potential and its about time we push forward with a bunch of fresh new ideas.

Til Next Month

Okay, that marks the end of this months update. Again, thank-you for everyone who supports the blog regularly, without you the blog wouldn’t be where it is today. For now goodbye but in the meantime, please don’t forget to keep checking back on the Dynamic Double blog for future updates!

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