Time management – tips to better use your time

Tips and Tricks / Friday, June 14th, 2019

Time management is something we all need

Time management is something we must do in our lives. Without good planning we stop ourselves from enjoying the free time we have. In our ever so busy lives, we need to make the most of it so that you can focus on developing yourself and career further. Take back your time by following today’s tips.

Why is time management important?

First of all, what is time management and why is it important? Well, it enables you to better use your time through you allocating or understanding what you need to do in a certain timeline.


More freetime

There are perks associated with time management. It gives you more time to do things, something which many of us tend to not have much of. We all need to be able to do the things we love, which is why this is instantly a perk.


Another reason for time management is being successful. All successful people know how to plan their time. Many people in high ranking roles make the most of their time – successful people also tend to have more responsibilities and expectations to meet so need to be right when planning. Time is essential in these many other roles too, especially where projects are always being brought on board.

No more stress

Without time management you are more likely stress out over work. University, workplace and deadlines stress you out because of one thing. There is no understanding on what needs to be done and in what order. Through time management, you can better allocate these tasks and be assured that more will get done.

Productivity and motivation

More efficient time usage means one thing, more productivity. As time management helps you make better use of your time, you will be able to fit more into your day, hence have more time to complete additional tasks. This also ties into motivation as you will be able to see what needs to be done and for when easily, giving you something to work towards to achieve.

Time management tips and tricks


Automation is one way to make the most of your time. If something can speed up tasks for you give it a go. Plenty of apps exist that make managing your time easily. One way to automate could be through implementing smart home technology into your home or use apps to do the things you need to do for you.

Be efficient

Don’t waste time. To put it simple, you need to do things efficiently. Research ways to make your daily tasks quicker – look for convenience where possible. If there are limitations to getting convenience in your life, work on getting it. Sometimes convenience is just a case of doing something in less steps, rather than in several. Think of it as picking the quickest route to work, over a much slower and longer route.


Whether your priorities is to get enough sleep, get home at a certain time or focus on doing things in a certain order – you need to prioritize your tasks. What I mean by this is order tasks based on importance. If the task is urgent or you have a big project alongside smaller projects, you need to complete the tasks in a certain order.

For example in this case you might complete all the smaller tasks first before moving on the the bigger task or vise versa. As for severity ratings, you would most likely focus on the urgent tasks first before moving to the critical, high, mediums, lows or whatever rating you might use or be aware of.

Do things properly – take your time

As silly as it may sound, you sometimes need to put more time into things. The main reason this is important is that doing tasks in a rushed fashion will lead to more issues and more work, hence wasting precious time. You should always focus on the task and to make sure it is 100% up to standard before moving onto the next task. It may even lead to you doing a lot better and less stress for you.

What time do you have free?

Understanding what time you do have is another time management skills. Try listing down the things you do everyday and list them down. You should also list any appointments or known events you are attending as well (calendar).

All of this information can then be inputted into a spreadsheet or an app like Trello so that you can better see and manage your everyday tasks/ freetime. Once you list these, check the freetime time you have left and allocate it to things you want to do or have to do. This will come in handy when organising yourself.

Organise yourself to better utilitise freetime

Following from knowing what time you have is organising yourself. Planning what you are going to do and in what order can help you prioritize your daily tasks better as mentioned in one of our previous points. If things are done in order, things are also more likely to go better, such as enabling you to focus on the important tasks first or to get more done.

Keep it simple

When it comes to organising, it doesn’t need to be complicated or fully accurate, keep it simple. The idea of organising is to have a good understanding on what you are doing on certain days. It is completely fine to change times or dates if needed – you should always try and keep some time in the day flexible. To make it clear, you should also consider giving yourself time for plenty of rest too – don’t go filling up all your time with just things.

Experiences in time management

Apps are powerful tools

Some methods I have used to plan is through the use of apps. As previously mentioned, I use a tool called Daylio to organise my day and track what has been done to create a graphical diary. It has many options to set reminders encourage you to check in, which is fairly useful. Although, this can be done with your standard mobile calendar too if you prefer.

Use your smartphone/smart home assistant to help you organise

In addition to apps, I also use my Google Assistant to organise and manage reminders and set calendar invites. As Google offers such a great A.I, it is usually a breeze to give my phone the wake up work and let it know the reminder/ event followed by the date. Through using the assistant I can easily save time and allow myself to see it on my calendar for when I need to view it when planning.

People can help too

If you are ever struggling organising.yourself, consult people in your company or educational Institution for help. Others experienced in time management critical roles will be able to guide you on how to better manage your time.

Never feel that you have to be good at time management in an instant as in most cases you may not be sure on what to include when you are planning or allocating time for work, responsibilities, etc.

While at University I was fortunate enough to do a module aimed at managing yourself, time, etc. From gaining this information, I started getting better at managing my time for daily tasks

Time management is essential to your career

Additionally as I have experience in University and the workplace, I understood planning was a big part of finishing a successful projects. Project management is another important time management critical area. You would see a lot of projects using methodologies to complete projects and would always change depending on the size and importance of the project.

I will be covering project management in the future so keep on the lookout for that. For the meantime, feel free to check out this article here to understand more on project management.

Factors affecting time management

Of course, many factors can affect time management. Health, spontaneous events, random encounters and unplanned events can hit us at any time. While these events can happen and impact you in different ways both positive and negative, this can sometimes make making the most of your time extremely difficult.

I regularly have appointments, things happen to my disability equipment and illness striking out of the blue that throws all my time management out the window. However, when these events stop popping up, time management becomes extremely powerful in helping me get more done in my day and it an efficient and convenient manner.

Time management ready

After reading this post, you should have hopefully got many different tips on time management and now understand why it is important to make the most of your time. Now, you should be time management ready so go and enjoy your newly found time.

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