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Introducing… The Writer!

Getting to know people is a way to make friends and get yourself out there. As I haven’t introduced myself, this post is an overview of myself, the writer. So sit back and relax, let’s learn more about each other!

What is The Writer Like?

In short, I’m a passionate person who has a strong interest in technology and security. I spent a lot of my time learning new things, reading security news, playing video games and going to social events/ festivals.

While I’m in my early 20s, I still have a lot left to experience and do, which is why I run this experience themed blog. A lot of what I write are about those experiences that I want to share with you, including product reviews, websites I’ve used and of course life experiences.

What’s also important about me is the fact I have muscular dystrophy, meaning posts will sometimes be for raising disability awareness. Some covering accessibility, my own experiences and others on how I’ve tackled the hurdles associated with disability/ life. I don’t let my disability have control over my life.

Currently, I’m starting my career in cyber security so I will be doing informational posts on basic things, like setting passwords and tools you can use to enhance your own home security. There will also be discussions into what’s happening globally security wise and a couple discussion posts. Not only that but I will be covering technology news too. I previously covered mobile technology news on the OnePlus but will be attempting to cover different technology news in the future as my career and knowledge progresses.

Writer Aims for Dynamic Double


Alternatively, I want to help those around me by using the blog as a platform to fundraise money. Whether it be through selling merchandise, using ad revenue or by asking you guys to give directly, you can help. Obviously, I will need some of the money for running costs. The blog can’t support itself after all!


Community is another one of my aims with the blog. I created Dynamic Double as a way to listen to your experiences as well as tell mine. If you want to get involved, you can join our Facebook Group to share your own blogs, fundraisers and experiences. There will be more content brought to these pages in the future too to get everyone engaging.

Until later…

Hopefully this post has given you enough information about me, the writer. If you would like to know anything else, feel free to comment below with questions (as long as they’re reasonable).

Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to the Dynamic Double blog and keep checking back for future experiences and updates!

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  1. Hello! It is nice to read your introduction 🙂 I shall look forward to following your blog further!

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