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Technology / Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

Opening New Tabs

Creating new tabs has been an internet browser feature since 1997 and has been useful for many people since. Assignments, keeping tabs to “read” later or while browsing generally. We either hate tab hoarding or not at all. Unfortunately, creating tabs have only really been used for personal reasons. Nothing ever comes from creating new tabs. But that’s where you’re wrong! There’s a handy website that uses tabs for a good cause, charity work to be exact. Today, Tab for a Cause is what we will be reviewing in this post. It is a great tab alternative with a great initiative to help others.

Tab for a Cause

Tab for a Cause was created in 2014 as a webpage/ browser add-on. The company itself wanted to create a tool that could use people’s new tab habits to change people’s lives. The services aim is to get users to make searches on new tabs to earn hearts. These hearts can then be donated to a select few charities, which you as the user can pick. Once you select a cause, your funds will then go to the selected charity. However, there are other ways to earn hearts like inviting your friends to join, which gives you 350 extra hearts to give.

How exactly do they create revenue? Well, to put it simply, advertisements! At the bottom, there are usually a couple of adverts to help raise the platform money. Alternatively, much like Ecosia they will sponsor searches and make money if people click on these adverts. While you can ask “what do they do with my data?”, you can always go to the Tab for a Cause “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” to find out more. Although, in short they only use your search data to create statistics on your search data, such as the city you searched from. None of the data is personal/ sensitive information.

Installing Tab for a Cause


Tab for a cause supports both Firefox and Chrome for its platform. In this case I use Firefox as my default browser. To install Tab for a Cause on Firefox, all you will need to do is go to: then click the “Add to Firefox” button. On Chrome, there will be an Add to Chrome” icon instead. Unfortunately, this means other browsers like Microsoft Edge/ Internet Explorer are not supported. However, I would highly recommend getting Firefox or Chrome as these browsers offer so much better customisation compared to Edge/ Internet Explorer

Tab for a Cause installation on firefox

Personal Use

Through daily PC activities, I have used this as my default tab page. As stated above, you can install tab. The advertisements aren’t too excessive and I’ve found the simplistic features handy for particular tasks. Unfortunately, I am not always on my home PC meaning I never really get enough hearts to make a difference with my donations. Although, when I eventually earned my first hundred and donated the hearts, I felt rewarded as I know I was helping others.

Positive Features

Simplistic Design

One of the positives features available on Tab for a Cause is their simple design. It allows easy customisation with a few feature to choose from, such as search engine to use, a to-do list and a bookmarks features. Not only that, it also allows Ecosia to he added, meaning you can plant trees while raising money for the charity. If you haven’t already read my review on Ecosia, feel free to give it a read by clicking this hyperlink. The dashboard itself is great and doesn’t make it your new tabbed pages look cluttered but provides a great finishing touch with the background images.

tab for a cause dashboard

Easy to Donate

Similarly, donating hearts is as simple as the connection design and is my second positive of this app. All it takes is a couple of clicks and your hearts will go straight to the charity. In the example below, I click on the heart on the top right of my screen and used the drop down to navigate to “donate hearts”.

Once navigating to the donating hearts page, I then selected the charity I would like to give my hearts to. Out of all the charities, I went for “The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck” because nobody wants the world to suck of course (neat photo for donating too).

Donating hearts confirmation

What are Hearts Worth?

Each heart is typically worth “1/10 and 1/2 of a cent” as stated on the tab for a cause website. It may not seem like much to give but when you consider the amount of tabs you may open during completion of assignments, general browsing, etc. it all adds up to a larger amount. What’s also great is that the money raised for each charity is in their quarterly, which you can view by going to their financial report page on the website. However, it’s worth noting that team members, software and fees will need to be paid by Tab for a Cause/ Gladly to continue providing and improving their service.

Wigets are Great

When you open a new tab, you might have to have something you can customise. Tab for a Cause have some great widgets, such as a to-do list, bookmark and notes tab. These three tabs come in handy if you’re opening new tabs and need to remember something whenever you create a new tab. All of these tabs are bundled in the top left corner alongside the search bar. In the example below, I created some notes at 5:42PM reminding myself to do the washing and some other random words/ phrases.


However, the bookmarks aren’t like typical like default browser tab pages. Much of the bookmarks only appear as small clickable boxes that if set up with the correct link will take you to a webpage. The simplistic nature of it makes it great but if you prefer having previews of the websites, it will take a bit to get used to. Although, this doesn’t mean the browser is bad. It just means you may have to do things differently. Besides, the simplistic look it gives helps you admire the background image and actually get on with searching.


More Charity Choice

An improvement Tab for a Cause could make is to introduce more charities. While I have seen their social media getting people to give charities, there are only a small amount available. I have many charities I would like to recommend both for personal and other reasons. Whether they often update this donations page or not regularly, I just would like to see more variety if the platform does grow.

Automatically Donate Hearts

While hearts do offer you the ability for you to donate to a selected charity, knowing which one is right for you is a problem. If an automatic donate feature was introduced this could avoid the need to select a charity if you are not fussed where it goes to. Including this with a threshold for example 100 hearts before automatically donating would give the user the option to select a charity if they change their mind at any point. Implementing this feature on the other hand would be as easy as including a check box the user can select under settings.

More Widgets

Another improvement are the widgets/ add-ons. It would he great to offer some sort of community and widget marketplace, this way users can customise their pages to preference. Otherwise, offering more dynamic backgrounds to use like animated backgrounds, etc would be a fantastic upgrade. In short, introducing more personalization would potentially spark a community, who could create fantastic widgets. Although, this would need a lot of work and I understand both security and cost to include said features is understandable.

Search Bar Placement

Finally, the search bar placement could be changed. With it being placed in the top left, it discourages people from using it when they make a new tab. If the search bar was moved to a central position on a new tab, people will be more likely to look there. Additionally, the adverts would then be easy to see, tempting users to click on them if it advertises something specific to their needs (most recent product searches, etc).

Smartphone Browser/ App

As I don’t use my PC all day, I don’t benefit from using tab for a cause on my smart phone. While this is just a browser add-on, there is so much more potential if it was introduced on mobile. Obviously, developing new product/features costs money but the return would benefit the charities available on the platform. One way to do this is by making their own web browser app for mobile with the simple features found on the PC version.

Ready to Open a New Tab?

Hopefully after reading this review, you know what Tab for a Cause is all about. We discussed what the website was about, how to use the website and some of the pros and cons of the website. My final verdict is that Tab for a Cause is a simple, easy to use tab page replacement with the aim of helping charities. While it does everything you need a tab page to do and small things to add to it, making it more customisable would enable it to appeal to more users.

Help me Get Extra Hearts!

As stated above, new people invited to Tab for a Cause as a user will enable the referer to get an extra 350 hearts to donate. If you are considering using Tab for a Cause, I would appreciate it if you used my referral link when signing up. Simply follow this link and you will be well on your way to helping charities via your internet tabs: By making tab for a cause your new tab replacement, you can help charities and change the world through the comfort of your own home PC internet browser.

If you enjoyed this review, I would recommend you check some of my other content. Finally, don’t forget to keep checking back regularly on the Dynamic Double blog for future experiences, updates and reviews!

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