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Our last post covered completing university deadlines, where success lied in managing you time and submitting your work. By completing the deadline, it meant you could get a grade and succeed by hopefully getting a degree. So how exactly do you succeed when it comes to goals away from university? In this post I will be giving some tips and my experiences on success. Whether it be a goal or something you want to do in your career, these tips should help you think more about what you need to be doing to succeed in these areas.

What is Success?

First of all, what’s success? According to the Oxford Dictionary, it means The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”. Of course, the end goal is accomplishing your own goal with an aim or purpose to help you or other around you. It could be helping somebody raise money, contributing to the community or earning a promotion. Success isn’t always related to wealth either, well-being and social life are just as important when it comes to success.

Tips for Success


When you are given opportunities, it is best to make the most of them. An opportunity can become something great when you take it and give it your all to prove your more than capable. If it’s part of a dream you have whether it’s a career or something you strive for, you should take that and make the most of it. To put it simply, you need to prove yourself give it everything you can when you get an opportunity, if it feels impossible keep going as that can be a deciding factor if you succeed or not. Not everyone will get the same opportunities as you so don’t waste it.

Mistakes will Happen

Unfortunately, you will make mistakes on the way. Succeeding sometimes takes more than one attempt. We are all human after all and we are bound to make mistakes, some bigger than others. However, with failure comes positives such as learning more about your limits and understanding what to do differently next time. Reflect on the mistake you made, spot the weaknesses and strengths and work on them. Make sure everything you do teaches you an important lesson.

Honesty is Everything

Be honest. Expanding on mistakes, it is also important, to be honest with yourself and others. Actions speak better than words and your mistakes can affect in different ways. If you happen to make a mistake that can have an impact on others, tell them, be honest and remember to not let it get to you. It is fine to feel negative emotions sometimes but in the end, it was from your own independent choice and that is a positive if you can learn from it. Obviously, if you intended to cause harm that is… Then that is a different story…

Educate Yourself

Alternatively, learning is a key point to success. All the time you are taking in new information with some being easy to understand and others being more difficult. Essentially what you learn has some meaning, especially if it’s related to your current goals. Even in my career, I have always tried to learn as much as I could about every aspect of what I wanted to do. In my case, this was tools and techniques that could be used to help my day-to-day tasks. For you it could be a theory, news or even posts like this to help you understand things.

If you do feel like you haven’t learned anything even when going to college or university. Don’t forget that you will learn new skills and techniques for doing things like managing time, working in a team and using your own initiative to solve problems and create your own study methods. All of these are just as important for success when applying for jobs, pushing your career or pursuing goals, these are skills that can be used to your advantage.


Similarly, experience is everything. Without the right experience working or skills to make you stand out, you will struggle to succeed. Previously, in interviews I have been second best, especially as I didn’t have enough experience of knowledge in some of the tools available. After that interview, I decided to take on other websites like Immersive Labs to help me gain more knowledge and prove I have had the experience in certain tools. Because of this, I was able to succeed and start my career in a role I have always dreamed of being in.

Go Beyond!

Obviously, you need experience to get any specialised job but going beyond work experience is important. Attending conferences, writing blogs and doing talks can get your name out there. While at first it can feel scary to do things like doing talks, confidence can come with practice and the more you do it, the better you will be at doing them in the future. Social profiles are also important, so starting a LinkedIn page or WordPress blog is enough to start building your career and who you are as a professional up.

Plan for Success

Most importantly, you should never forget to plan. Planning is an important part of success. You plan your goals, you plan your time and you may even plan your finances. Every single thing you plan will enable you to understand your limits and what needs to be done for success. There are plenty of planning tools out there you can use like excel for finance, your calendar for time/ reminder and even your notepad to keep notes of what you are doing.

Similarly, planning with equipment, such as diaries, calendars and sticky labels can be enough to succeed. It doesn’t even have to be constant either, I tend to stick to my mobile tools for planning and they work well. Although, do make sure this can be accessed from multiple devices, if your smartphone kicks the bucket sometime.

Strive for Success

Hopefully after reading this post, you have come up with your own ideas to success. With these in mind, I am sure you will be closer than ever before to your own goals. If not, keep going as you never know how successful you might be if you stick to your goals. Share your own tips and experiences on success in the comments below.

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