The soap range that lasts for ages – Bulldog Skincare

Products / Monday, June 10th, 2019

Staying Clean

Keeping clean is an essential part of our lives. Bath or shower, we need to make sure our skin is looked after well so that we can take on the day feeling fresh and clean. Picking the correct products can be troublesome when considering how it feels our skin. A while back I gave a positive review for the Bulldog Skincare face range due to the good selection and effectiveness of the products. Since then, Bulldog Skincare have expanded their product range by introducing a soap range. These new products aim to add to its fantastic product range by providing natural, environmentally friendly products that have sensitive skin in mind. Today I will be reviewing this product from a brand that is affordable yet a premium product for sensitive skin.

New Range

Firstly, the Bulldog Skincare soap range is a series of soap bars and shower gels. These are made from natural ingredients that is not tested on animals. As these are created with natural ingredients, there are no microbead plastics and the bottles themselves are made from sugarcane plastic which is highly recyclable.

Bulldog Soap Range

Smells Good

Using the products are great. They clean well and from day 1 it smells great. The original shower gel which I tested had a great faint citrus scent that smells refreshing and is one of my all-time favourite smells that is not too overwhelming. Although, the soap bars did smelt a bit weird, but it did have a clean smell to it too, which I guess is fine for a soap bar.

Good Value

Additionally, their soap bars are great value. They come in a much larger bar size than others on the market, making it the biggest bar soap I have ever come across where soap was concerned. From receiving the product and using it, it lasted for around 2-3months, which for someone who showers regularly was a long time. Anyone looking for soap to last a while should consider purchasing this product.

Sensitive for Skin

Bulldog knows how to take care of your skin. The Bulldog soap range offers various types from their original up to their energetic, sensitive and oil control options. With the different Bulldog products aimed at different skin types, there is never not an option to choose from. Out of the ones available, I would recommend the sensitive range as it does not irritate your skin as much but keeps you feeling clean.

Shaving Blade – Bonus

Pulled on Hairs

Alongside the soap, I was able to try out the bamboo razer. When using this shaving blade, I found it difficult to use due to how close the blades were. The blade really pulled on my facial hair (which I had grown for a week or so) making the shaving experience uncomfortable throughout my first use. Despite the blade being too close for confort, it did cut really well. I would recommend this blade to anyone who shaves regularly but not for those who shave every other week.

Blades need space too…

However, if I was to make a recommendation for the bamboo blade, it would be to put the blades further away from each other. Boldking did with this with their blades (if you would like to read that, click here) and is my regular shaver choice over many other brands.

Nice handle

What was great about the bamboo razer was of course the handle. Bamboo is a great choice for a handle as it looks sleak and shiny against your bathroom.

Bulldog Soap Range Verdict

Overall the new Bulldog Skincare soap range is a fantastic addition to its already great range. It is made from natural ingredients that is suitable for all types of skin and smell great. It is also a great affordable range that can last for a while before running out, being perfect for those who want value for money. If you enjoyed this post, please feel free to check out some of our other content on the Dynamic Double blog. On the blog you can find the latest experiences, updates, review and more.