How smombies are taking over our streets

General, Let's Talk / Friday, November 23rd, 2018

Smombie Epidemic

Addicted to your phone? It might actually be enough to get yourself killed! Smartphones are common devices used by us today. While they do come in handy to get into contact with people and manage daily tasks, they can also be dangerous to us too. Addiction, using it while we drive and even not paying attention to your device is enough to put yourself at risk of injury and in most cases death. To simply put it, addiction to mobile devices is common. The UK alone is very likely a nation addicted to smartphones, Raconteur have some great statistical charts on smart phone addiction, check it out!

Who are Smombies?

Smombie is a simple term given to people glued to their phone screens. They have no spacial awareness and will likely walk into you. Previously, I’ve almost had people walk into me doing this.

Germany Smombie Signs

In recent news smombies have even been considered a ‘risk to road traffic’. Even Germany have put up signs, to cut the risk of accidents with smombies. Although, as ridiculous as it sounds, it is a smart choice in all honesty. If people are being smombies, you may as well show them up to stop it.

Smombie Sign
Smombie Sign in German Airport

Good Move?

Absolutely! It is unlikely that people would stop doing this but the signs at least will warn drivers (if drivers aren’t using their phones of course). The more that is done to stop people being smombies, the better we can react when coming across with a smombie. Obviously, it does feel quite silly but it’s a proactive way of solving a problem by making it transparent to the public.

Should these signs come the UK?

Maybe the smombie signs should be introduced in the UK. It would potentially be a way to remind drivers to stay aware when driving.

Are Millennials the Cause?

Not exactly. Unfortunately, anyone can be a smombie as long as they have a phone. Generally, it depends on whether the user is addicted to their phone or not. Whilst younger people tend to have mobile phones (I’ve seen plenty of people my age being a smombie), it is never write just to push the blame on younger people. We are all likely guilty of being smombies from time to time, so in most cases we should stop being smombies before you get yourself injured and in most cases killed…


Personally, when I’ve been out I regularly see a few people not paying attention while using their phone. It honestly gets me how easily it can be to be invested into your phone. Messaging in group chats and playing games are common distractions that cause smombies. Sometimes I would even get glued to my phone when out playing Pok√©mon GO or replying to a message/ text.


If we all do our part and use our phones less impulsively or at least think of what is around us when using our phones, we can cut the risk of accidents happening due to our phone addictions. If you have your own story or idea you would like to share, post it in the comments below. I will be looking forward to hearing your responses!

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