Rum and Coke – The Perfect Mix

Food and Drink / Thursday, February 28th, 2019

Rum and Coke

Our first drinksperience drink I will be covering is the traditional rum and coke. It’s my all time favorite drink to have in the evenings and on weekends and the sweet flavor never dissapoints me. This recipe goes well with any dark or spiced rum and is great if you don’t like complicated drinks.

rum and coke drink completed
Rum and Coke I’ve experienced before


For the recipe, you will need the following ingredients:
– Ice – crushed or cubed.
– 50ml Spiced/ Dark rum.
– 330ml Cola of your choice.
– Lime slice for the garnish.


As for the method for making the drink, do the following:
1. Fill your glass up with your ice.
2. Add your selected rum.
3. Fill it up with your chosen cola. I picked 330ml as this is usual size of a can.
4. Pop the lime slice into the drink. You can also squeeze some of the like juice in for extra flavor.

Rum Experience…

I drink rum and coke occasionally after a long or busy day. A nice rum and coke is great for chilled evenings in. When it comes to rum and coke, the sweet taste is why I love this drink with spicied rum. Its a great drink if you want a treat or something to lighten the mood up. While the choice of rum if up to you. In this case I’ve gone for Sailor Jerry’s Spiced rum. It’s one of my all fine favorite rums and goes really well with rum and coke. Although, if you prefer something a bit stronger in taste like a dark rum, Kraken is the perfect fit, especially if you want to add lime into your drink. There are plenty of other rums available so if you have a better suggestions of rums to try, feel free to share them below!

Rums to Try…

Here is a list I’ve produced of rum brands I’ve tried and recommend putting in your rum:
Captain Morgan’s.
Sailor Jerry’s.
Dark Matter.
Havana Club.

Cola to Use

Cola is a big part of the drink so it’s good to get the drink right. Above I used a cola brand (Fentimans), was really sweet in the rum and coke and while it tasted really nice, it took away a lot of the rum and coke taste I usually like. I’d recommend Fentimans as a standalone drink if you just wanted cola. However, as we’re talking about rum and coke here you should go for cola, such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi as they provide a reliable and not too sweet flavour.

What were your experiences with this drink? Were they good? Or were can’t you remember? If you enjoyed today’s Drinksperience, you should check out some of our other content. The Dynamic Double blog has the latest experiences, news, updates and more.

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