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Technology / Friday, December 15th, 2017

Importance of Streaming

Streaming provides people with the ability to share their interests, whether it be for gaming, talking to their viewers or doing giveaways to their viewers. Streaming can be done via many devices including, mobile, console, PC, tablets and cameras. Twitch is the largest live streaming service for gamers with around 500,000 to 1,000,000 viewers watching twitch streamers daily. Although, there can be problems when getting viewers for new streamers when many viewers use different social media websites. Luckily, there is a website to help streamers stay connected to many social media websites.

Restream Multi-platform Streaming Service

Restream is important for gamers who want to talk with their streaming fans as it gives streamers the choice to stream on all social media websites. The idea is to allow the Restream user to set up different streams on many social media websites. It works by using a software to distribute the stream to your selected social media sites. Fortunately, Restream supports up to 30+ social media websites, meaning the user gets choice on where they want to stream. Although, users cannot stream on the same social media site twice on the FREE version. However, users can pay if they want to get access to new features in the future, want to stream on the same website twice (also known as doubling) or if the user wants a dedicated server to stream on (great if you want a reliable stream). You can look up the pricing plans here:

Restream Users

Currently, Restream have helped 15 million broadcasts start worldwide. As Restream have a fairly large user base, there are plenty of FREE and paid user, both benefiting from the service. With this in mind, there could be possible issues with connectivity, bandwidth management and streaming delay but the service is really reliable for how many users use the service.

Niche Streamers

For Restream users such as, AdamArticuno, it has been very beneficial for expanding his audience to multiple social media websites. AdamArticuno’s only issue with Restream was the options to pay on the same website twice, meaning he can’t stream to friends and family on his personal Facebook as well as his Facebook page. “Restream was very good for me as it allowed me to stream on different social media websites. It also made it possible for my content to reach multiple audiences.” – AdamArticuno

Streaming Firsthand

Restream have a great guide on how to get started with the service here: There is software out there designed to streaming with Restream, including OBS Studio and Elgato. Although, both work with Restream so it doesn’t really matter which one you pick, just depends which one suits your preferences. Restream also provides a RTMP option for websites and software that doesn’t support restream directly. More can be found on this here:


  • FREE reliable service.
  • 24/7 Support.
  • Works with Open Broadcasting Source and Elgato streaming software easily.
  • Easy to use for supported websites and software.
  • Large support for many social media websites (30+) with RMTP support for unsupported social media websites/ software.
  • Various packages to improve the service further (management features, dedicated streaming server, double streaming).
  • Helpful articles to help users get started with Restream.


  • Additional steps required for unsupported websites and software (RMTP).
  • Doesn’t provide pricing in different currencies.
  • Possible streaming/ connectivity problems for a small few (expected with all streaming services though).
  • FREE service doesn’t provide real-time channels management without encoder restart or premium support.
  • Pricing might be a put off for those who are on a budget.

Restream Conclusion

Restream is perfect for streamers wanting to stream on multiple social media websites. It supports up to 30+ social media websites and is compatible with third-party streaming software, such as OBS and Elgato. They also give a solution through RMTP for websites or software that aren’t directly compatible with Restream, making it suitable for almost any website. Its FREE to use service, coupled with extras to enhance the experience, makes Restream great for those with different streaming needs, with its choice of pricing plans for each package. Getting the grasp of the software isn’t too difficult either with 24/7 support and guides to help you make the most of your experience.

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