Daylio – planning and keeping track of your life

Technology / Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

Planning your life

Planning your lives can be a big hassle. I regularly find myself forgetting things I need to do, losing track of progress. There was never much time to keep trackĀ  on what I had acheived in the day, without spending too long writing it all down. For a while now I have used this app called Daylio, which has been useful in helping me keep track of progress throughout the day. Today, I will be taking you through Daylio and why tracking your life and moods are essential to keeping a more organised life.

Why its important

So why is keeping track of your life so important? Keeping a regular diary enables you to keep track on what you have done in your day and if you are reaching your goals. When you keep track of lifes progress, you are able to see what is going well and what isn’t. Once you are able to keep track of your life, you can then look at improving yourself by setting additional or more adventurous goals. From keeping a simple diary, you will be able to see the story of your life for all goals you have committed and worked hard to complete.

Ways to keep track

Some ways you could keep track, include:

  • Keeping a diary – writing down the what went well or not so well during your day.
  • Write a blog – tell other about your daily experiences, whether it be daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Picture to associate to a day/week/month – take or find a photo of something that summerised your day.
  • Talking to others – maybe you want to share your days experience with your familiy, friends and a loved one.
  • Using an app – Plenty of apps exist that allow you to keep track of daily events. However for this post, I will be covering Daylio.

Perks of Daylio

Pictures speak better than words

What makes Daylio neat is the use of graphs to show trending data or your mood and counters for your activities. These can then be viewed on a dashboard and downloaded in PDF or CSV file format. This data can be useful when keeping track of the things you need to do or to at least remember the important activities on the day. You also find that doing the same thing repetitively in your daily life sticks better. Plus you can share your progress with friends to show your personal goal progression through the graphs and figures Daylio provides. Below you can see what a Daylio report looks like, which reflects my last couple of days.

picture of the daylio PDF you get from the app

In the app itself, the daily stats look so much better, showing a dynamic dashboard that summerises all your current moods and activities. As you can see below, you are able to see a graph of your monthly mood as well as your acheivements and both mood and activity counts. It is also worth noting that the more you input activities and moods, you counts for specified activities and moods add up. You are encouraged by Daylio to input your activities and moods regularly.

Daylio app dashboard example showing monthly stats

Keeping it simple but customisable

When you keep track of your day, you want to keep it as simple as possible. Daylio makes this possible, with its wide selection of simplistic choices and customisation. Through offering these customisable options, you can tell you day in as small words as possible. Alongside the many different customisable icons, you also get a wide range of choices when it comes to moods and colour customisation as well for all the action icons, moods and standard interface, which is great if you want the Daylio to use your favourite colours to keep your dairy personal to you.

Minor rewards and encouragements

Additionally you will receive rewards for engaging with the app. These help encourage you to use the app daily to input your activities and mood. While these rewards are only badges, they are good enough to get you coming back regularly. However, I would like to see some form of progression with the app thr more you engage with it, i.e a leveling system or a customisable profile through accessories you can purchase with points which you get from using the app daily, etc.

Backing up

Daylio also offers the option to backup your app data to Google Drive, this way you are reassured that if your app or phone breaks, etc. you will still be able to get all your diary data back to continue writing into daily.

Pin security

In terms of security options, Daylio allows you to set up a 4 digit PIN to secure your account, this can be turned on in your settings and is a good option for those who are worried that other will go on their Daylio app and ruin all of their activities and moods.


Potential with rewards

However, I would like to see some form of progression with the app the more you engage with it, i.e a leveling system or a customisable profile through accessories you can purchase with points which you get from using the app daily, etc.

Get tracking!

Hopefully now you will understand the importance or tracking your daily progress, whether it be with Daylio or not. If you would like to find out more about the Daylio app or to get the app for your own personal benefit, please click here to see more. Alternatively, feel free to check back on the Dynamic Double blog regularly for the latest and greatest experiences. Do you have your own way to track your daily progress and to help you reach your personal goals? Why not tell us in the comments below!


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