PennyLane Nottingham – venue experience

Food and Drink / Saturday, May 25th, 2019

Seaside Days – PennyLane

Remember those days as a child where you went to the seaside – enjoying the sun, building sand castles on the beach, eating ice creams, etc. We all loved to relax and enjoy ourselves. When you wasn’t on the beach, you would be hitting up the amusement arcades. What if you took all the things that is great about the seaside and amusement arcades and put it into one venue? Well of course, you would end up in PennyLane. Up until recently, this new venue opened its doors to people in the Nottingham area, with attempts to bring that seaside, amusement arcade theme to the East Midlands.

First Impressions

I went to PennyLane during its first full day open to see how the venue was. On entry it did feel exciting as the venue held a very nostalgic feeling. There were plenty of ornaments to look at the seaside theme made it feel as if I was at a seaside bar minus the view of the sea or beach.


When you enter, you can instantly recognise a lot of the noises. Sounds of the puck being hit on the air hocky table, the sound of clinging of 1ps and tokens being inserted into amusement machines. As for the music, it followed a classic rock theme creating a really seaside feeling atmosphere. Neon lights also covered the amusements area, allow it to shine through as a real amusement arcade (with matching carpet too!). Although, one issue I found was people would hog certain amusement machines for hours on end, especially the air hockey table which is the most popular amusement machine in PennyLane. If I was to suggest an improvement, it would be to add more of the most popular machines like air hockey.

Good Drink Ideas

Drinks were plenty and came in different styles and varieties. On my visit I went for the Glowjito, which was basically a mojito with a glow stick. Many of the drinks PennyLane offers have a unique style to it. Most commonly, these drinks used items, such as mini rubber rings as glass holders and a swimming pool with rubber ducks in for sharers cocktails. Additionally, my friend asked for a  pornstar martini which was not on the menu (named something different) but it wasn’t decorative in any way whatsoever. I would recommend only going for drinks on the menu as these typically give the best decorative drinking experience.

picture of PennyLane drinks

Slightly underwhelming Food

Unfortunately, the food wasn’t as impressive as I expected it to be upon entry. The peri-perp chicken sandwich I opted for took almost an hour to make due to issues on the first day. As these were expected on the opening weekend, I did not think to much of it being slightly later than usual. However, the staff were still informative and were able to sort everything out. When the food arrived the chicken had no flavour but was made up by being lathered in peri-peri sauce. Although, the fries on the other hand were gorgeous and made up for the sandwich I was slightly disappointed of. Overall, in terms of food I would say it was ok but if anything the drinks is where this venue shines in terms of food and drink is concerned.

picture of PennyLane food - peri-peri chicken sandwich


In terms of access to the venue, it was fully accessible with level access and a disabled toilet. All of these met my standard expectations. However, I did not use the accessible toilet so am unable to give my experience on this. As for the tables, they weren’t suitable to get my own powerchair under. This was due to the table only just reaching me knees. While this didn’t necessarily affect my experience, it just made it inconvenient.


Later on in the night, the venue changes to a more exciting venue, with plenty of fascinating lights and events going on. After 6pm the venue becomes the perfect venue for adults to meet up and enjoy the arcade machines. I did not personally experience this but from what others have been saying, it is a pretty excellent venue for its nightlight, especially when considering the variety of drinks and amusement machines the venue offers.


In conclusion, PennyLane is a nostalgic venue taking everything that was good about the seaside and turning it into something truly unique. While the food wasn’t as amazing as it could have, the  variety of drinks available made up for it. And while amusement machines were limited in numbers, there were plenty to pick from. If you live in or around the Nottingham area, its recommended you go there and take a look. Additionally, if you plan to visit this venue it is recommended you go later in the evening as this venues becomes a social haven for any get-together.

Check Out PennyLane!

Please click here to find out more on about PennyLane on the website. They also have a Facebook and Instagram, where they post updates and content about the venue. Alternatively, please keep checking back on the Dynamic Double blog for the latest and greatest experiences. As always, comment below what you thought of the post. Feel free to let us know what you think of PennyLane too.