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Technology / Saturday, January 26th, 2019

Organising Events

Organising events, talking about common interests and planning to attend events together. All these things are what makes being part of a community, society or club worth it. However, on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, there are so many features. These make organising feel like a long excruciating task. There are just too many features on other websites, which is do not need to use. Even in the past, I’ve found organising events with friends difficult, especially as there’s no way to keep people updated in a simple way.

But what if there was a way to organise an event in a simple way? Where there are easy options for creating a community and post updates on organised trips? Well, in this post we have a treat. It goes by the name Padoq and is a mobile app. The app is capable at creating communities for those with common interests and give easy to use options to organise and plan events.

What Is Padoq?

Padoq is an app that can be downloaded from both the Google Playstore and iPhone App Store. The app allows you to easily make communities, fund for events and talk about common interests. You can create posts, do polls and post images, making it much like using websites such as Facebook or Twitter.  Padoq has been available since 2018 and has allowed people to organise events since then. Below is a video on the platform from the Padoq website:

How do you use Padoq

Creating Account / Padoq Pages

Well after you download it, it’s just the case of making an account. Once you have logged in, you can create a Padoq, which is a group. The group can be related to a huge range of topics and groups. After creating your group, you should have access to a feed. The feed will allow you to create posts (top right), filter your posts, have access to a wallet (for organising trips/ funds) and your page settings (where you can change details about your page).

There is also an advert function, that will allow you to generate funds from the page to fund your community. I will be going into these features in more detail later in the post. Below is an example of the Experience Matter Blogging page I have set up on Padoq. For administrators there is an extra feature known a ‘pin’, which works like how Facebook pages work.  Pinned posts will stay at the top of the feed, which makes these great for introductory posts for your Padoq pages.

dynamic double padoq page

Creating Posts

Although, if you’re the type who wants to get creating content then let’s talk about the posting feature. As most social platforms allow you can make posts, you can expect the same old features for creating posts. All you need to do is click on the in the top right and you will get access to a range of posting features. Here you can post pictures, polls for other users in your Padoq to answer, event creation and request for payments, for when you want to organise an event or trip.

There is also an option to upload files, which I assume would be good for things like event tickets or information on events to be posted. Alternatively, what makes this different from other social platforms is the ability to add or remove likes, unlike and comments button from the post. Unfortunately, there are not any options for reactions/ emoji reactions for posts other than in the comments.

padoq create post menu


I managed to get an exclusive interview with one of the Padoq members, here are some of the questions and responses I got from the questions asked. Hopefully they will give you all more information on the platform and why it is a great place to get involved with.

What Makes Padoq Different from Other Social Platforms?

“Padoq is a platform for organisers – It gives them a dedicated space (a Padoq), where they can share files and information, host discussions, run events, poll opinions and collect payments. At Padoq we are also strong on personal data. We will never use personal data for commercial gain, and put the administrators of Padoqs in control from a GDPR POV.”

What Do You Feel Being Part of Padoq Is About?

“Being a part of Padoq is all about being yourself. You can have a unique identity in each Padoq you join, allowing you to share as you feel comfortable within your different environments.”

How Far Has Padoq Come Since Day One?

“We have gone from bootstrapped 2 man startup to a team of 20 – It’s very exciting.”

Are Users on Padoq Safe In Terms of Security With Payments?

“Yes, we take payments very seriously and host our payments on a Licensed E-Money wallet provider.”

Do Have Any Future Plans for Padoq in Terms of Development?

“A ton – Including white-labeled versions of Padoqs for brands, as well as Padoq world which allows you to share Padoq posts in the real world through which guests can engage.”

Thank-you to Mike from Padoq for answering the questions. It was great to see their own opinion on the Padoq app as it does feel like they are passionate on creating a fantastic platform for organisers/ communities to shine.

What Makes Padoq Great

Ease of Use

Everything on Padoq is really easy to use. I have found getting familiar with the platform to be quite easy. There are boards to help you get introduced with the platform and you can ask questions in this Padoq board which they will always answer. I’ve found creating my first Padoq, managing, editing, deleting and leaving Padoq groups to be a breeze through daily use. Unfortunately, I have not tried requesting payments yet as this depends on how many users are in the channel.

Organiser Focused

As stated in the interview, Padoq is for organisers. The dedicated space provides simple features that make posting and focusing on organising your events easily. Although, if you prefer to share your interests with others, it’s a great place to start a group specific board. These boards will eventually, serve as a place to fund events online or offline, depending on how well the board is performing. Once adverts come in place, I do feel this will be a much easier thing to do for more popular boards, rather than relying on members chipping in.

Only Select Padoq boards you want to see

Once you join, you aren’t bombarded with things on your feed. You can select what Padoq boards you want to see, so you can focus on the hobbies and interests that matter to you. However, if you prefer to get involved, there are plenty of boards you can explore on the explorer tab. Additionally, there are plenty of boards being created regularly, meaning there are other organisers you can get involved with.

Being Yourself

As each group is usually for a specific audience or those who have similar interests you can be yourself. And as Mike said in the interview, the unique identity you get when each Padoq group allows you to express your shared interests and hobbies. Sharing your hobbies/ interests range from having similar music taste, likes, dislikes and more. There is nothing really you can’t get involved with, in terms of hobbies. However, if a Padoq doesn’t exists on your specific interest you can make one, which is a nice touch.


Adverts (Coming Soon)

One of the improvement for Padoq is introducing the advertisement feature on the app.  I feel this would be a fantastic idea as they will enable communities fund their events. University societies, clubs and more will then be able to generate some cash to go back into the events. What is also great is that introducing this sort of feature, would encourage more engagement with the users, especially those who may want to help the society grow or share their content together. As it is something I have seen on Padoq since I started using it, I expect this will be something that will be added to the app in the near future.

Post Security

Obviously, the option to upload files is handy. Although, with file uploads this can be a risky game. People can hide malicious code in files. Compared to images, this is less likely to happen when uploading. As an improvement I would recommend only letting users upload photos or restricting the file types you can upload. However, while I do understand people might want to share information on events, I am just worried on how people might abuse this.

Limit How Many Padoq Pages can be Made

From using Padoq on day one, I created 2 boards that were for different interests. I also made one which I deleted shortly after (got the name wrong, etc). I think my only concern with making pages is that users can come on and spam them on Padoq, which could lead to Padoq being abused heavily. If possible limit how many Padoq pages can be made at one time or cap the limit. Obviously, limitating Padoq page creating would not make people happy but this would stop people spamming them at least.

Easier Payment Methods

On the subject of funding events, there should be more options to make payments available. Including payment methods, such as PayPal would make chipping into event funds much easier. I understand entering bank details and saving the payment methods is an option but for those who don’t like typing it in everytime. Although, this depends on whether the current payment can include these options, so it really depends on what is supported.

Let Your Padoq Community Experience Start!

After reading this post Padoq may either appeal to you or not. Either way, you should check out this app designed for organisers. By getting involved with the app, you will be able to help expand the platform and show the world it’s great and fantastic features. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get making amazing Padoq groups! Why not go visit the Padoq page to find out more about the platform:

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