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Technology / Thursday, December 20th, 2018

Opinions Matter

Do you want involvement in a community where your opinions or experiences matter? Communities are great ways of getting together and sharing your experiences. Whether it is your opinions on matters, past events or preferences. Sharing these are essential parts of communities. However, what if your opinions could get you some extra cash but still allowing you to be part of a community? Luckily, there is a platform for sharing your opinions and more. The platform is known as OnePulse and provides the perfect community for this.

OnePulse Platform

Generally, OnePulse is an opinion based platform. You complete surveys, some will pay and others will prompt you to share your general opinion to build a profile. Paid surveys are also available, allowing you to make a bit of money from the platform. OnePulse is available  to everyone with iPhones via the App store and with Androids through the Google Playstore. OnePulse is based in the UK and US.

Short and Sweet

What OnePulse do good are their short surveys. They don’t last too long and reward you a fair amount for your time. Fortunately, it does help, especially as I would not always have time to complete longer surveys do these came in handy during busy times. Typically, surveys will take around 30 seconds up to 3 minutes to complete. With plenty of surverys (also known as pulses) being posted regularly, there is always something to get involved with.

Quick Education

As they are short and sweet, it also comes in handy to see what is going on in the world. I’ve learnt a few new things too through using the platform, such as the Costa Clever cups and the various Christmas adverts available this year. Articles will also appear at the end of many surveys, meaning you can do further reading on survey topics if you want to.

Not Always…

Unfortunately, you are not always guaranteed to get in on a paid surveys. Many surveys fill up fast, so make sure to be quick to increase your chances. As stated above, the more genuine and active you are, the more paid survey chances you get.

Get Results!

Alternatively, if you are looking to do surveys or collect information for research, they offer paid services. On average they charge £0.92 per pulse (survey) and £0.31 per question. If you are an enterprise they also provide services but the price will vary. You can check out the price guide here. It is good for those wanting to do some market research for their own brand or project.

Social Media Engagement

Another feature is their social media campaigns. A lot of survey results are posted on Instagram and Facebook, with many options for users to get involved. Users can send their own suggestions for survey for other users to answer by commenting ideas. It’s recommended you get involved to make sure your ideas get converted into user surveys.

Good Community no Profiles

They do have features to let you add people isn’t too good. Nobody has a way to easily add people as friends. Profiles could be a way to get people engaging and could be a way to keep uses coming back. Something like badges to show long members have been with OnePulse or badges for answering certain surveys. By doing this users will feel rewarded for their efforts and allow long-term users to show off their loyalty.

Opinions @ The Ready!

After reading this, are you OnePulse ready? Hopefully you are! Obviously, OnePulse is a survey site so staying persistent with the platform is essential to get plenty of paid surveys. Although, I hope this post has helped you understand OnePulse and whether or not the survey site is for you.

Alternatively, if you have any survey websites you would recommend, post them below.

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