OnePlus 6T – Possible Features?

General / Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

OnePlus 6T

With the OnePlus 6T being out for a little while now, we will soon be expecting a new phone from OnePlus. This post will cover some of the features, which I believe will make it to the next OnePlus phone.

Expected Features

Device Name

Following the previous trends, we know it might be called the OnePlus 6T but there is always a chance OnePlus will change it.

Oxygen OS

The 6T will be hosting various new features based on customer feedback. Hopefully OnePlus will be able to give an array of new exciting features with the camera software and optimizations to the connection while maintaining a near stock Android experience.

Operating System

The next OnePlus phone will most likely be using the latest version of Android, so I am expecting it to have Android Oreo or something better.

New Snapdragon?

Obviously, the Snapdragon 845 came with the OP6 but it’s likely the 6T will come with the latest Snapdragon processor. I would like the newer phone to give better support for more demanding apps on OnePlus devices. It may also allow better device efficiency, something many of us might want so that our battery life don’t suffer in return for better processing power.

More RAM

We know that the OnePlus 5T and 6 had 6 or 8GB of RAM options but what if the next OnePlus phone had around 10GBs of RAM? I know many would consider it overkill but this would give a lot better memory processing, especially with mobile games. Games, such as PUBG, Fortnite and other games (Nintendo mobile games) would benefit from this upgrade.

Bigger Battery

For years, OnePlus have opted for a 3300MaH battery size but it would be great if the 6T came with an upgraded battery so that users can get longer usage out of the device. When using my OnePlus 6, I recognised that the device wasn’t lasting as long due to the more demanding processor in the device. If you can, OnePlus please give us a slightly bigger battery on the 6T?

Better Camera

The camera that’s comes with the device already has fantastic software but what it lacks is photo quality when compared to the liked of Samsung, Apple and Google cameras. Maybe up the camera specs slightly as this would really be something OnePlus could lead the market by trying.


It would be great if the 6T came with a bigger resolution and better graphics on the device to compete against competitors opting for higher AMOLED resolution display. The lib at the top may also be removed, although this feature would be useful for the status bars still if it is kept for the 6T. IP68 screen protection and gorilla glass should also be included too as these will keep the devices in one piece for longer. There is nothing worse than dropping or damaging the phone due to the lack of device protection and if OnePlus keep up this, it will give users piece of mind when owning the phone. I don’t mind the OnGuard insurance but the fact I have to ship it off for almost a couple of weeks for repairs, is a downside to the insurance OnePlus provides.


The OnePlus 6 came with waterproofing, making the device safer from spillage. It will be nice to see if OnePlus will be able to do more with waterproofing in the 6T. Overall, this is a great feature and will enhance the piece of mind reason and helping those clumsy customers.

Headphone Jack/ Sound Features?

What makes OnePlus a convenient device is the fact the company still opts for the headphone jack so that users can still use their wired headphones with the device. I feel the 6T would still give that option to users but there is always a chance that OnePlus will go wireless in attempt to sell newer Bullets with Bluetooth functionality.

However, for sound I believe they will keep this almost identical to the OnePlus 6 which aren’t really essential features if they do the job. Even if the speaker does its job, it could be made better through connecting to a speaker or using headphones, which OnePlus give good enough software for managing to your preference.


The internet is good on the devices as it is so I expect OnePlus will keep what was in the OnePlus 6.


With the trend OnePlus is heading, it is obvious that the 6T will come at a higher price at £550-600. The main reason is that OnePlus will want the latest features but in return, they will need to probably keep features, such as the screen protection or sound chips the same as the 6T.

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Overall, I believe the OnePlus 6T will offer users with more features and definitely an upgrade in processing power. While there will be some features that will be very similar to the OnePlus 6, there’s many positive features. Maybe OnePlus will surprise us with their next phone, we just have to wait to find out!

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