OnePlus 6T – No Headphone Jack?

General / Friday, September 14th, 2018

OnePlus Bullets

The OnePlus USB-C bullets were yesterday on their social media pages. These headphones will be sold alongside their next phone later this year. The new device will have better specs than the OnePlus 6 model. As I have already covered what the OnePlus 6T and have covered the headphone jack, I want to discuss what I said in that post. You can check the last OnePlus post here!

It isn’t a surprise that they made this move, especially with others removing the headphone jack to accommodate on-screen scanners and better specs. There are also various bluetooth earphones and alternative devices for music, meaning there is less need of a traditional headphones. OnePlus will definitely use this to sell their new earphones and new device, which will most likely boast a on-screen sensor and bigger battery.

No Headphone Jack

Although, the bullet earphones will be interesting with the connector being USB-C. Obviously, this makes charging difficult when you have a phone. Accessory will definitely benefit from by selling splitters to support headphones and charging bat the same time. If OnePlus was to offer them too, this would be a great move to keep some loyal customers. Other smartphones have done this over the years, like Samsung and Apple.

Furthermore, with bluetooth technology and USB-C getting more stable, it is definitely time for a change. It would mean a lot of us may need to buy a new piece of kit to suit this technology but in terms of the need for tangled wires, it would work out nicely. But in return of this change, many customers will leave OnePlus to seek for phones that still offer the headphone jack.

However, what does this mean for those with headphone jack earphones? Maybe OnePlus will abandon us earphone users or keep the headphone jack to give us customers choice. Discuss in the comments below!

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