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General / Sunday, December 9th, 2018

WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 was released recently with its new Gutenberg editor and has already sparked discussion in the WordPress community.¬†Writer and bloggers alike are complaining about how difficult it is to use, including myself. Unfortunately, for me this was because of my lack of understanding of the new editor. There so much to do with the editor, such as blocks and it’s easy to use tools. The flexibility to change between different blocks also enable more simple customisation.

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I think the one problem I have with the editor is the lack of visual tools. I grew up with the traditional editor and use tools in the Office 365 suite regularly. Being so used to option bars was the reason I was struggling with Gutenberg. Even though the new editor is making things easier. In most cases yes but for those so used to see all the options available to them at once makes it so difficult to get used to. Not everyone likes change sadly. However, I’ve found the Gutenberg better when it came to formatting. As sections we’re pasted in blocks, I didn’t get the same issues I used to get when pasting content in from my Google Keep notepad.


Fortunately, there are plenty of plugins available to bring back the classic editor, created by WordPress Contributers. By keeping the classic editor an option, learning the new Gutenberg doesn’t feel forced. Surprisingly, its really popular at the minute because of the Gutenberg takeover but users will eventually like Gutenberg once they get used to using it. Simplicity of the new editor is great. The fact you can design your own custom blocks is also great. There is so much room for writers and bloggers alike to do more with their WordPress posts.

Other blogging sites have released guides on how to use the new editor, showing telling users how to use it. Heartinternet.uk released a good guide on the editor and WordPress released a video on YouTube to advertise their attractive new 5.0 “Bebo” features. See the video below.

As well as that WordPress have released a handbook to help users in getting used to the new editor.

Gutenberg Adaptable Theme

While the Gutenberg editor got introduced, so was other features. A new theme for supporting the new editor came released with 5.0 too, meaning Gutenberg could be used to customise the site the way you like. The new theme does look better than the classic theme and the new editor does expand the possibilities for more dynamic themes. With all the customisation block options, creating a unique site with Gutenberg will be so much easier.

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