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Foldable Smartphones…

Foldable phone is the hot topic at the minute. Both Samsung and Huawei have released their own variants of foldable phone with a range of new features, never seen in a phone before. We have seen phones over the years remove the bezel, go bezeless and introduce better and more intuitive features like on-screen finger print scanners. But what exactly is the bezel offering us? We shall be discussing this in today’s Let’s Talk!

New Features

Smartphone and Tablet In One

One of the most obvious features of foldable phones is they give the best of both worlds when it comes to having a phone and tablet in one. Want a phone and tablet in one that’s portable, you’re sorted. The fact it can be changed into what you need, it can take away the need to purchase a tablet and phone separately. It also means that people in workplace environments can have their work phone and tablet together at all time. Sound quite convenient to me.

New Features Bigger Price

Higher price tag. What always shocks me is the constant increase in phone prices. And with any change in technology and innovative features being introduced, prices are bound to go up. Well, when a 2 in 1 device is introduced, prices will always go up tenfold and it has. You’re expecting to pay almost ‘£2000’ for a brand-new foldable phone, which is way too expensive. You could easily get a laptop for that price, which will be way more powerful. However, those who want ultra-portability would benefit from a foldable phone. A post named ‘Buying a foldable phone in 2019 will be an expensive mistake’ is a great post discussing the price, which can be found here.

More Memory

Bigger and bigger memory. Memory is one problem smaller smartphones have, especially when price is concerned. As the new foldable phones come in at a high starting price, it makes sense to include bigger memory in the device for the smaller starting prices. They also included 12GB RAM, out beating some phone like the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition, which has around 8-10GB of RAM. It does seem there is a trend of constantly upping the RAM. I do believe it is overkill but it will help keep daily phone tasks consistent.


Sick of carrying a big laptop and slightly heavy tablet about? The new foldable phone is lightweight. You won’t need to carry it around it a bag as it’s big enough to fit in your pocket. The reason why it’s so pricey and ultra-portable.

More Advanced Camera

Alternatively, the camera on the foldable phone is getting a huge upgrade. Both phones are boasting 40MP camera with several lenses to take better quality photos. With the introduction of better cameras comes hopes that all the Snapchat’s we receive from other people’s foldable phones will look slightly better. Sorry, to those who keep posting blurry phones on my Snaphat…

Newer and Thicker

Another feature to note if the thickness. People have claimed that Samsung’s new foldable phone is bulkier compared to Huawei. While this can be easily seen by looking at the specs and videos closely. This could be because of other factors like the type of specs put in there and durability. Afterall I wouldn’t want my £2000 foldable phone to snap in half accidentally when using the phone.

Larger Capacity Batteries

Finally, the batteries are having an increase offering better power and long-lasting batteries. However, the new features like the bigger RAM and an extra screen to power, there will still be power consumption so I do feel these phones will typically last a normal day like you current Smartphone does really. Although, when tests come back that may prove my statement wrong.

What About Apple?

What about Apple? Have they forgotten about the foldable phone market? Well there is not any known information from Apple about a foldable phone, but I do know that Apple will likely release one in the future. Afterall, you need to get on the bandwagon to potentially make money. Besides, putting the iPhone and iPad into one device, would be a neat product. I call dibs on it being called the iFold if names are being brainstormed…

After reading this post, you have probably learned about the new foldable phone. Do you like the foldable phones that have been revealed and do you think Apple will release their own? Discuss in the comments below! If you enjoyed this post be sure to check out some of our other content. The Dynamic Double blog have the latest experiences, news, updates and let’s talks every week.

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