Let’s Talk about fake Facebook pages

Cyber Security, General / Friday, December 28th, 2018

Dangers of Fake Pages

Whether fall for those fake Facebook page competitions or not, you would have come across people on your news feed sharing fake competitions with some hope of winning. Yes, I understand the pages have a company name as their page name, so it must be real right? Wrong! 9/10 it is fake and you’ve just given someone some joy by sharing it. They want idiots to share it to build up the pages. Once they gain an audience to make it believable, they could throw in a link with the caption “enter a competition” and trick you into clicking it. It’s a very simple form of social engineering that catches many people on Facebook off-guard.

How to Spot a Fake?

Although I bet some of you are thinking, “how do you know its fake?”. Luckily, it is as easy as visiting the page itself. All you need to do is look for the following characteristics on the page:

  • When you go on one of these pages, check for a blue tick. If it has a blue tick you are most likely on a legitimate company page.
  • Otherwise if it doesn’t have a blue tick, scroll down. Check the last post and if you’re on a fake page, it shouldn’t go back too far. The fake pages first post might be 2 months ago.

Stopping Fake Pages

There a couple of things you can do to stop people sharing these fake pages:

  • Report the page to Facebook.
  • Tell the company’s real page that there’s a fake page spoofing them.
  • Whenever someone you know shares one, let them know it’s a fake.
  • Do not respond to the fake competitions.

Stop Sharing..

Seriously, stop falling for these pages. Day in and out, I see people I know liking and sharing these fake competition page posts. They are fake pages for the majority of the time. The real pages have blue ticks and post regularly. There are no competition pages created by the company for “exclusive competitions” and no Karen didn’t forget to collect the holiday prize because nobody won in the first place.

Thank-you for reading the latest “Let’s Talk”. Hopefully by reading this post, you understand why fake pages are a problem and will be able to find a fake page from now on. Obviously, if you’re stuck with finding out if it’s fake or not, ask a family, friend or someone you know, they might be able to help you. Finally, please don’t forget to check back regularly on the Dynamic Double blog for the latest experiences, reviews, updates and more!


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