Let’s Talk about drones – Gatwick airport closure

General / Saturday, December 22nd, 2018

UPDATE 23/12/2018: The two people arrested for being suspected to have cause Gatwick disruption were released with no charge.

Drones Causing Cancellations

Very recently, over 760 flights and 140,000 passengers were affected because of a drones flying on the Gatwick airport runway. The two concerned in the event were eventually arrested but the impact was significant and displays a strong message as to the effects technology can have our local and national UK services.


Unfortunately, the motives of this event is not yet known but in many cases disruption of services was the aim through dangerous use of drones. I do think it may have something to do with a grudge or political statement too but we won’t know under they find out from the people involved.

What was the Impact?

Economical Impact

Yearly, there are billions of pounds made from flights. These flights bring in tourists and allow us to travel abroad. They also bring in imports and export cargo to other countries to buy of sell. It would make sense that the event of Drones per day would add up to millions of pounds for the UK economy, which has been lost because of drones. Most importantly, this also meant the airport and airlines lost money, due to having to re-arrange flights, allocate accommodation and organise transport for the affected passengers. You can imagine the chaos.


However, for many this caused a huge inconvenience in terms of planning and time. So many would have taken time off work, especially as it was the school holidays. Others may have also saved up holidays or even bought some extra holidays to go abroad. Alternatively, the drones caused many flights to be redirected, meaning many would have had their cars stranded at Gatwick. Not so great if someone needed their car the following day. Personally, this was the biggest impact of the drone being in the way in my opinion for the passengers. While it is not as important as the cost on the UK economy, it is still pretty irritating for many people wanting to go abroad or come home.

Harsher Rules on Drones

I think by introducing tougher regulations on drones would be the best cause of action. Shooting them down is one option but this would be difficult due to the Drones size and the runway environment. Increasing the size of the exclusion zone and banning drones in set areas would be a better solution. Alternatively, banning drones altogether be a better solution but this wouldn’t be as welcomed.

Technological Problem

Newer technology is always released, meaning more regulations and issues to worry about. Drones aren’t the only problem as other technology like smart home devices are at risk too. There is also our critical infrastructure that is equally at risk too from both cyber crime a technology alike. Don’t know what I mean by critical infrastructure? I will be covering this in a future post.

Small Event. Huge Impact.

Overall, if this event tells us one thing. It’s the significance of what the small things can do. Comparing this to the likes of cyber crime, there is also some link. For cyber crime, this is similar to how the NHS was shut down by WannaCry through someone clicking on a malicious link. Similarly, for the drone, all it took was a handful of people with drones and no countermeasures to remove the drones to shut down a whole airport.

What are your thoughts on this news? Whether you was affected by the Gatwick flight cancellations or not, discuss below!

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