Let’s Talk about Christmas – important aspects

General / Tuesday, December 25th, 2018

Festive Time of Year

Happy holidays everyone! Its Christmas today and many people will be waking up to prepare for their festive day. While Christmas does mean presents, food and drinking, it has one other important aspects. Spending time with those important to you, celebration, food, drink and joy. Some of these aspects are what makes Christmas special even today. In this post we will be covering some of what makes Christmas important.

What Makes It Festive?

So what makes the festive season so festive?

Festive Food

Turkey, mince pies to brussels sprouts. All this food makes Christmas taste special. Tasty or not, it is all good and it makes it feel more festive with every bite. It’s great to bring out the Christmas spirit from baking and cooking your food for parties. Whether you make it from scratch or buy it ready-made, thank-you for your hospitality.

Festive Drink

Eggnog, prosecco, wine and the festive beers with friends. We all love a good drink to celebrate this time of year. Unfortunately, not everyone can drink. Although, you can still get in good spirit by drinking your favourite drink too. Try some of these alcoholic recipes by tipsy bartender to spice up the mood.

Christmas Parties

Office parties, nights out and get together with work colleagues and friends. Although many will end in hangovers, the fact you’re spending it with others in your life is great. Your bank balanced might disagree with all the spending of drinks but hopefully it was worth it.

Art of Gifting

Another aspect of Christmas is gifting. You can create it, buy it, re-gift precious gifts or agree not to gift at all. However, gifting someone a gift that comes from a loved one can mean so much. Even when you’re growing up, getting that present you’ve waited so long for has always brought a surge of excitement to the day.

Family Time

Most importantly, togetherness is what makes Christmas special. Friends, family and that special someone can mean everything to someone and spending Christmas with them is an irreplaceable experience. Up until Christmas, you might have not seen your friends for almost a year or more. Some may have never seen each other since childhood. Being able to catch up and create new memories from years to come.

What Makes the Holiday Season Special for you?

So, what is the most important aspect for Christmas for you? Catching up with family and friends? Spending it with your special someone? Maybe its all about the food and drinking experience and Christmas parties as well? Feel free to discuss what makes this time of year special for you in the comments below.

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