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5p Plastic Bags to 10p Plastic Bags

Changes are being made to shopping bags. They’re going from 5p to 10p but will this make it harder for some to afford them. It may even encourage less to buy shopping bags and remember to take their own. In this Let’s Talk, I will be giving my opinions on this plastic bag change and whether it’s a smart move. There is already a lot of plastic polluting the globe, which reusethisbag has a great infographic on.

Change Discussion

Does This Help The Environment?

Environmentally I feel it’s an okay move. Yes, it means there’s more money to help do things for the environment but I don’t think it’s enough to do big changes. People will still forget their shopping bags and many still use plastic. Where are the recyclable alternatives? Obviously, plastic bags are more resilient but increasing it from 5p to 10p isn’t exactly going to raise enough to make drastic changes to our environment.

Change Too Expensive?

Another issue would be for those who don’t usually take shopping bags. Many won’t welcome this change claiming it’s too expensive. It may encourage people to get re-useable shopping bags and actually use them to avoid spending more on shopping bags. Others may not even care and continue to buy shopping bags. Even though at times I forget to take shopping bags, I will always remember to take one every other time.

I would like to see the price of plastic bags incrementally increase to slowly phase out the purchase of them and introduce a better alternative. Alongside an increase, there would also be opportunities to raise more money for the environment and raise more money for charities of the supermarkets choosing. Where it goes atm I’m not too sure but this AOL post gives some idea on where the 5p plastic bag funds go.

Plastic Bag Alternatives

Alternatively, why do we still use those plastic fruit bags? Supermarkets should surely offer them for fruit and veg as they usually go in a plastic bag anyway. It may even encourage people to use recyclable shopping bags for some of their food.

10p Plastic Bags A Smart Move?

Overall, I do believe this is a small but smart change. It won’t have huge affects buts it’s a small step in the right direction. However, it may get criticism from those who regularly purchase¬†shopping bags and those struggling with money. Although, the solution to cut the need to buy 10p shopping bags is to take your own when you go shopping. Otherwise, pay the 10p charge or carry your shopping to the car/ home. It’s as simple as that!

Do you welcome the change or feel it’s too early for the 10p change? Discuss in the comments below.

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