January 2019 – Blog Update #6

General / Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

New Year, New Month, New Update…

Happy new year everyone! Hopefully you have all recovered from the festive celebration and ready as ever to take on 2019. You may feel distraught that you had to go back to work eventually but let’s look on the bright side, there’s a whole year to look forward to. Anyway, welcome to our monthly update where we will we will be giving you the speed up on what happened last month and what’s to come this month.


Last Month (Last Year)

Last year is done but last month is worth talking about. We summarised the year and created a couple new posts, with the brand new Let’s Talk series making its début. The page itself is also under a new section called ‘General’, as part of our menu restructuring. I am looking forward to writing more Let’s Talk posts, this year and on new and exciting topics. It’s also trying to get more content on the blog for you all to see. However, if you do happen to have any suggestions on what to cover, feel free to comment your write directly to us via Email or Social Media.

Plans January


As always, a new year means brand new challenges and opportunities. Throughout this year, I aim to be better (not badder) than before. More content, more opinions and more events, with hopefully more consistency to go along with this year. Already we released our Bulldog Skincare review, to let people know about more amazing products.

Social Media Updates

Social media groups will soon be getting a weekly thread schedule, to encourage people to get engaged. If you’re interested in joining, you can do so by following this Facebook group. Our Twitter page will also be getting its own weekly posts in the future, so that’ll be up and running at some point. Alternatively if any of these aren’t for you, our Pinterest board continue getting more posts added to it regularly.

Experience Posts

To support my fundraising this month, I will be sharing more disability related experiences on a variety of topics. I hope by doing these I can get more donations for my Go Orange for a Day campaign, which will hopefully help the charity continue doing what it does best. It might not be my first fundraising attempt but it definitely isn’t my last, so expect more like this fundraiser in the future. Obviously, if you would like to help out the cause, feel free to visit our fundraising page. All you support is highly appreciated!

Thanks for reading our latest blog update post. If you enjoyed this post, please feel free to give the post a like, share and comment if you fancy starting a discussion. Lastly, don’t forget to keep checking back on the Dynamic Double blog for the latest, experiences, updates and more.

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