A premium shaving experience you can’t live without – Harry’s Shaving Subscription

Products / Monday, September 4th, 2017

Harry’s Shaving Razors

Harry’s is shaving company dedicated to providing affordable shaving products via its online subscription service but does this come at the price of quality?

Picture of Harry's Shaving Trail Kit
Harry’s Trail Kit

Harry’s Trail Pack

To try Harry’s, I purchased the trail kit to get a good grasp on the shaving they offered, with the kit including:

  • Truman handle.
  • Razor Blade.
  • Shaving Cream 114g
  • Blade Travel Cover.
  • Thank-you Note.
  • Shaving Tips.

These products also came in a stylish pouch which held all the products neatly and showed the branding clearly.

Harry’s Shaving Sets

Harry’s offer two different starter sets different to the trail set which includes the Winston and Truman handle handles.

The Winston Set includes:

  • Winston Handle – Comes with a metal handle as opposed to a rubber handle.
  • Shaving Cream 114g.
  • Razor Blades.
  • Blade Travel Cover.

The Truman Set Includes:

  • Truman Handle
  • Shaving Cream 114g.
  • Razor Blades.
  • Blade Travel Cover

In comparison to the Trail set these two only come with an extra blade so if you want to try the product out, I would recommend the trail set here: https://www.harrys.com/trial

Harry’s Blades

The blades are similar bearded colonel in that they have the same attachment to the handle and the style of the blades. Fortunately, with two being similar means swapping from Bearded Colonel to Harry’s will be easy and gives customers the option to swap if they wanted.

Shaving Quality

Shaving quality stays exceptionally close to the skin and feels premium for the first few shaves and cutting all facial hair with ease. Although, the blades did seem to rust and lose shaving effectiveness after a month so I would suggest swapping the blade out every 3-4 weeks.

Shaving Cream Quality

The shaving gel worked as expected and allowed the shaver to glide easily with the aid aloe vera and you could get around 20-30 shaves using the foam. However, if you’re the type who likes to lather up whilst shaving or shave quite often it may not last as long.

Selecting Subscription Service

Like many other razor subscription services Harry’s provides the same approach with the frequency of deliveries and number of blades being tailored around how often the customer shaves. I managed to set up a suitable plan and was recommend a delivery for 8 blades every 3 months, to keep me stocked up and razors.

However, they did offer a shaving foam option for the subscription but I didn’t go for this because any other aloe vera gel could be used and do just a good job.

If you want to opt for just the blades, you will get around 8 for £14 and with the shaving foam you should expect to pay around £19.

Value for Money?

With Harry’s costing around £14 for a blade stock up and the option to get a cheap £2 trail pack with everything you need to start shaving included, I feel Harry’s is excellent value for money.


Variety wise I felt there wasn’t much choice in handles and colours limiting the customer to a few selected colours. Clearly, there should at least be black/ white handles to give people more choices in the style of handle they would like.


Harry’s advertisement strategy is great in terms of attracting new members to test out the brand with its trail pack. However, I have noticed that a lot of online shaving brands are doing trail pack offers too.

First, Harry’s could give some form of loyalty scheme for its long-term members, maybe by providing a unique handle upgrade option, include an extra free blade in the order, etc.

In addition, why not try to appeal to people looking to shave their legs to help improve product appeal.


Harry’s is a premium quality shaving company offering a variety of affordable shaving products to choose from and provides a premium quality shave experience.

However, with the introduction to more shaving subscription services starting up and with many doing the same trail approach for its customers, Harry’s might need to do a bit more to stay on top of other competition.