5 skills you will learn at university

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Starting University

Going to university is a life changing experience as you will gain many life-changing skills from year 1 to last year and beyond. As someone who has already had experience at university, I will be giving you the five skills you will learn at university. In this post you will learn about all 5 with tips on how you the most of these skills.


A lot of work at university will need you to use your initiative. An example of this could be researching a given topic or completing a solo project. Other examples are reading up on more resources to understand a topic for one of your modules. When I previously completed coursework at university, I used my initiative to help me understand programming and technical concepts further. Using my initiative supported me through all my programming projects and reports. If you’re writing essays also be sure to use you academic sources and to reference correctly.

Simply by learning how to use your initiative you will be able to prepare yourself for employment. In a working environment you will need to think through things yourself to think of a suitable solution. It will also prepare you for your dissertation in your last year and beyond (Masters/ PhD).

Another example of initiative could be when organising your time correctly during the year. Through using things like online/ physical calendars, time charts and Gantt charts, you will be able to plan time during projects effectively. Alternatively, you could use sticky labels around your accommodation to remind you of what deadlines are approaching (which is good for revision too!).


Regardless of your degree, you will need to complete some modules with a group of people on your course/ cluster. Group projects a bit difficult if you’re in with people who aren’t willing to coöperate until near the deadline last-minute. My best advice on this would be to complete as much work as you can do attempt to get over members involved regularly. Don’t like group members stopping you from getting your desired grade!


Following on from teamwork is communication. At University you will be communicating with a lot of people whether it been your course mates, flatmates or people you meet out. However, when it comes to group work communication is key for organising workload and ensuring you get work done before the deadline. Unfortunately, group work can be difficult especially when nobody communities throughout the project. To avoid this from happening be sure to regularly engage with your group with regular meetings.

Luckily, with social media, you can easily set up a group chat to discuss work and use email to share completed work. Although, if you want to work as a collective websites like Google Docs and OneDrive  are very useful. Setting up google docs or OneDrive is as simple as getting your group members email addresses together.


Alternatively, you will need to lead some groups to enable communication and teamwork to work. You will develop your leadership through university by taking control of your group or representing your uni through your society. Leading is as simple as organising your group or taking volunteering responsibility for certain group tasks.


Last and not least, the most important skill you learn at university is independence. Doing the washing, paying bills, buying food and socialising will be all be things you will need to manage at university. If it’s your first time away from university, you will learn so much on how to handle this. During my time in halls, I have learned new things like managing my finances and planning my time based on deadlines and study hours. I have also learned (the hard way) how to do the washing and keeping the flat clean.

What is important about independence is that it will help you get ready for when you decide to move into your own house/flat (if you haven’t already). Even though you will run into some difficulties at first, there are student support services there to help you through difficulties. While at university you will meet a lot of people living independently for the first time too, so don’t worry. This post by the Independent will help you understand the pros and cons of living independently.


Hopefully by reading this article, you have been able to prepare yourself a little for when university starts. If you want to read more like this keep checking back on our university section on the Dynamic Double blog. Otherwise I wish you the best luck to at university but don’t forget to enjoy yourself whilst there too!

What are the skills you have learned at university? Tell us by commenting below!

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