October 2018 – Dynamic Double Blog Update #3

General / Saturday, October 13th, 2018

Dynamic Double Update October 2018

Welcome to the third instalment of the Dynamic Double update where we talk about what has happened over the past month. The post will go over some of the new features and give you information on what’s to come during the month of October. You can check our previous update here, otherwise let’s get into it!

New to Dynamic Double

#TeaTuesday and #MondayMotivation

If you have followed the Dynamic Double Facebook page, there has been an increase in content being posted. Tea Tuesday and Motivation Monday posts will be regular posts on Facebook now in attempts to increase engagement. However, as I don’t always drink tea and sometimes coffee, there is not always anything to post for Tea Tuesday. But if possible, I will try to mix the posts up a bit with other drinks too in the future.

Facebook Blog Sharing Group

As we have used the #experiencesmatter hashtag quite often, it made sense to create a Facebook group where people can share experiences. Hopefully, the group will prove useful for sharing your very own blog posts, pages and more. I am looking forward to watching this blog sharing group and sharing this journey with those supporting the blog.

Future Plans


First of all, I will be attempting to do some fundraising campaigns on the blog page to raise money for charity. At the moment, I am looking into setting up a fundraising page, which will hopefully enable those supporting the blog to have a direct impact on other people’s lives. I am hoping by posting my own experiences, I will be able to help other live fulfilling lives!

University Posts

As it is nearing the time where people will be considering whether to go to university or not, I will be creating posts to help make that choice. Posts covering social aspects, getting through group work/ managing work and going to University. I will also be discussing why doing a sandwich type placements are better than standard 3 year courses, for those not sure about doing a sandwich year degree at University. Alternatively, I will be going through my experiences in applying to University and placements. Before I have covered University, which you can check out here!

More Reviews

Additionally, more reviews over the next couple of months will be released. These will be short reviews on services I have tried and enjoyed. While I will try to cover as much detail in these posts as possible, I will try my best to make sure they stay short and concise. It is important I do it this way as to keep the experiences easy to remember/ understand and not seem as excessive or overwhelming.

Thanks for reading the October 2018 blog update! Please feel free to check out the Dynamic Double homepage for the latest posts, reviews and updates!

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