September 2018 – Dynamic Double Blog Update #2

General / Monday, September 10th, 2018

Dynamic Double – September 2018

Throughout August and September there have been many new features and posts being released for Dynamic Double. Ecosia, Festival Accessibility, Pocophone F1, University and Cashback  topics being covered over the past 2 months, showing how the content has evolved. I have also been more involved in sharing posts around by engaging in forums and groups to help content reach further than before.

New Dynamic Double Features

Blog Theme

First of all the blog got a design change, allowing more blog customisation. I intended to do this as a way of including more content on the website. As you may have seen I have also been including adverts on the post, sidebar and more. These are there with the aim at providing more interaction and to support the blog to give more opportunities in the future.

New Post Series on Social Media

Another feature is the ‘Monday Motivation’ post series on the Facebook page. I’ve decided to make this an exclusive series on Facebook until I figure out how to cross-post these on other platforms. I will be releasing a post series called ‘Tea Tuesdays’ which will be on both Facebook and Instagram now and then.

Blog Posts Coming Soon…

There have also been a series of new posts too covering more news and topics. I am trying to increase the blogs traffic through releasing regular content. In terms of other posts, there will be coverage on technology news, guides and experience posts from my time at University so far. There are various posts coming out soon as well, covering driving, sporting experiences, guides and more. I will also be releasing these regularly with hopes of getting a consistent schedule out in the future.

Thanks for reading our second update! Don’t forget to keep checking back on Dynamic Double blog for future experiences, reviews and news.

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