March 2019 – Blog Update #9

General / Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

March Update is Here

March 2019 update is here. Our monthly updates are a chance to reflect the previous month and discuss plans for the following month going forward. We have a range of things to discuss this month, with plenty of new features and ideas ready for the month ahead. Sit back, relax and let’s get into this months update.


First I would like to apologise. I committed to doing way more than I could manage the last month. There were missing posts on all platforms, lack of sharing content and no form of communication to tell you what I was getting up to. I admit that I was being quite lazy and didn’t give what I promise. For that I apologise and hope to make up for it in the coming months, if I can that is.

Last Month – February 2019

Last month was modest month for the blog despite the lack of content and updates. There was a couple of new post and a few productive sessions to make sure posts stay consistent going forward. I have already sorted out an array of #MondayMotivation posts up until July to make sure weeks aren’t missed for a while. Over the next month I will be focusing on the smaller things and build from that over the next month. Hopefully by the end of March there will be enough momentum to carry on strong. You can check out last months updates by clicking here.

New Post Series

I’ve introduced the Drinksperience a new series where I go over some drink recipes and what memory and experience they associate with. Going out with friends, partying, drinking your favourite drink and sharing your drinks with others. People drink in social situations too. The idea is to share what my personal favourites are and for you guys to get involved by sharing yours and your stories around the drinks as well. Hopefully this will be another good addition to the blog. Want to check it out? Episode 1 of the Drinksperience series, can be found herehere.

End of Update

Hopefully you understand what coming in the month of March and what to expect. As always if you have any suggestions or questions feel free to comment below or email is at: ‘‘ you can also check out some of our other content. The Dynamic Double blog has the latest experiences, updates, news, let’s talks and more. Don’t forget to give this post a share too as you help is muchly appreciated.

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