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Cyber Security / Saturday, December 29th, 2018

2019 is Here!

With it almost being 2019, I thought it would be a good idea to do a post. Security is an ever-growing area so why not get ready to stay secure in the new year. If you haven’t seen our 2018 summary post, I’d recommend you check it out by going here. If at any point there is anything missing or you feel to be an important new year resolution to stay secure, state in the comments below, we would love to have a discussion!

New Year Resolutions to Stay Secure


Installing a VPN will make sure you stay secure online by masking your online location. These can be really good if you’re working from home or in a public place. They also mean people won’t know what you’re doing while working in the café. It doesn’t cost much to get a VPN with many free VPNs available. You can check out the top 7 REALLY FREE VPNs by going here.

Working in Public (without VPN)

Secondly, avoid using your work laptop in a busy café or public place. Sometimes people will be able to see what you’re doing. It’s known as [] and if close enough can give someone enough information to take down your system.

Locked Down Accounts

Another cyber security resolution is to check your account security. Take a looking at your settings. Things like Google mail, offer two/multi factor authentication and will add an extra layer of security if someone correctly guesses your passwords.

Improving Passwords

Alternatively, you should update passwords on emails that have been/ been involved in a breach. Checking websites like haveibeenpwned can be useful at telling you if you’re due a password change. For example if you were involved in a breach in 2015 but changed your password in 2017, you don’t really need to change your password. Otherwise, you should consider changing it. Enhancing your password security is a great way to keep your passwords hard to guess by hackers. Using things like password managers to store very complex passwords can help keep the balance between complexity and how memorable your passwords are. I will be covering password managers next week but feel free to check out the 7 things not to do with passwords.

Keep It Private

Finally, you should check your privacy settings. If you have a lot of personal information like your address, full name and family details on your social media accounts, you should switch your profile to private. This way you’re keeping yourself safe from identity theft. These involve using your information gained in social media sites to pretend to be you. This can range from applying for bank loans and in worse cases ruining your life. Alternatively, it means you can control who gets to see information about you. However, if you prefer to keep your profile public, keep things like your age, where you live etc to private.

New Year Resolution Time

Hopefully after reading this post, it has given you ideas on new year resolutions. However, it’s now time to select a new year resolution for yourself. Obviously, if none of these are suitable for you read this new year resolutions post on askingminds, which goes through some non-security resolutions you could try.

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