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Cyber Security / Saturday, November 17th, 2018

Cyber Security Industry

Are you a student with an interest for Cyber Security? With a bigger need for cyber security jobs and attackers on the rise, it has never been a better time than ever to get into cyber security. Whether you are studying Cyber Security or not, having knowledge in this area is essential for career success. 

Over the years cyber crime has increased a lot. OWASP top 10 has seen the amount of attacks increase rapidly from 2010-2015 as seen on the graph below. As you can see A6 (sensitive data exposure) was one of the most common attacks in 2015. Since then OWASP 2017 has been the most recent top 10 rating of cyber crime types. 

Bad people want your sensitive data and getting into learning about different types of attacks is essential for keeping you and other people’s data safe. Whilst it is easier to stray away and join the attackers, the rewards of protecting data is far greater. All it takes is the correct knowledge and tools to fight against cyber crime.

Fortunately, there is a brilliant website out there which will give the cyber security know how. It is an online based interactive lab platform with many labs, skills and knowledge to get from this website, which I will be covering in this post. Grab your keyboard (or notepad) and get learning about the website, Immersive Labs.

Immersive Labs

Immersive Labs is the perfect website for anyone looking to learn about cyber security The website itself provides interactive labs to teach fundamental to technical cyber security. All labs go from novice to master so no experience is required to join. 


Registering is as simple as visiting this link and signing up with your University or organisation email. If by any chance you can’t make an account, you can contact Immersive Labs to get set up. Otherwise. this video provides a good explanation on how to make an account.

Positive Points

One good feature of Immersive Labs is the leaderboard and award system. As its open to academic institutions, it has leaderboard to put other users, universities and colleges up against each other. However, this may promote a competitive network, it motivates you to go back regularly and learn more. It also emphasises how competitive cyber security Jobs are by ranking you against other students. 

Luckily, there are hundreds of labs to choose from, which is why this website is so attractive to learn cyber security. There is no limit to what labs you can do and you can complete the labs you’re interested in. Not only does this urge you to learn at your own pace, it means you don’t need to complete things that you already know. Although, remember that completing labs get you points and badges so it’s worth keeping that in mind.

Most importantly, using websites like these can enhance your CV when applying for jobs. Those who want to work in security, this can be a great starting point and will enable you to enhance your CV by showing you have an active interest in cyber security information, tools and techniques. Without this, you are putting your own chances of getting a graduate or cyber security job at risk, especially when cyber security is one of the current sought roles in industry.


Unfortunately, the platform does not give you a way to track your performance. On other platforms, you are working usually towards a certification or working towards a certain level of knowledge. Immersive Labs only gives you badges and points to compare on the leaderboard, which doesn’t really tell you where you are knowledge wise. This could be easily fixed by introducing a certification to work towards.

Importance as a Student

Personally, this website has proved essential to my Cyber Security development. The knowledge and interactive training it has available has really come in handy for my technical skills. Since using the website, I found doing things like using command line and utilising powershell easier. I have also been able to find useful tools that are useful for cyber security analysis. Not only has it helped with development, it was a handy revision tool for my cyber secuirty related modules at university as well.


Overall, Immersive Labs is a fantastic tool for developing your cyber security knowledge. The interactive labs, informational tasks and constant additions of new labs offer a good source of cyber security knowlegde whether you’re a beginner or expert. I recommend that anyone gives Immersive Labs a try, especially students as Immersive Labs is free to use.

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  1. Great review of the site! Seems like a ‘fun’ way to learn about cybersecurity! A little healthy competition is always good!

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