The soap range that lasts for ages – Bulldog Skincare


Staying Clean Keeping clean is an essential part of our lives. Bath or shower, we need to make sure our skin is looked after well so that we can take on the day feeling fresh and clean. Picking the correct products can be troublesome when considering how it feels our skin. A while back I […]


The face wash you need in 2019- Bulldog Skincare


Bulldog Skincare Bulldog Skincare is a UK-based company offering a variety of products to men. It is globally shipped and is available in more than 20 countries worldwide. The company itself started in 2006 and to this day are committed to giving the best face wash the UK has to offer Today I will be […]


The sensitive face wash you should be using – 31st State Facewash


Face Washing Washing yourself is a key part of your life as it enables you to remove all the dirt accumulated over the day. Although, at times its difficult to find the right face/ body wash. Many available claim to so wonders on your face and forget the simple nature of what a face and […]


The shaving subscription revolutionising how we shave forver – Boldking


Revolutionary Shaving Shaving Subscriptions – Short Recap Since shaving came it has come in a range of services from subscriptions, on demand via supermarket or online purchases and to services being available at the local barber. The main focus of shaving is to remove our unwanted hair from our face and bodies. Recently, there has […]


A premium shaving experience you can’t live without – Harry’s Shaving Subscription


Harry’s Shaving Razors Harry’s is shaving company dedicated to providing affordable shaving products via its online subscription service but does this come at the price of quality? Harry’s Trail Pack To try Harry’s, I purchased the trail kit to get a good grasp on the shaving they offered, with the kit including: Truman handle. Razor […]