Duchenne Diary #1 – powerchair football experience


Sport Engagement Engaging sport can help you grow in different ways. It helps the mind, keeps you fit and helps you develop key skills in life. Even with disability you should always look to get into sport if possible. While sport may not be for everyone, you should always look for ways to push yourself […]


Daylio – planning and keeping track of your life

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Planning your life Planning your lives can be a big hassle. I regularly find myself forgetting things I need to do, losing track of progress. There was never much time to keep track  on what I had acheived in the day, without spending too long writing it all down. For a while now I have […]


Importance of accessibility – disabled access day 2019


Accessibility Is Important As its disabled access day is next month I felt it would be a good idea to talk about the event in celebration. I also felt this was the perfect opportunity to emphasise the importance of accessibility for myself and others alike. The day itself will celebrate the accomplishments made to making […]


Driving – driving with disability


Driving On The Roads… Learning to drive is something a lot of us decided to take up in our lives. The convinence of driving a car can help so much. Driving to work, education or just to go shopping can be handy in many areas across the United Kingdom. Disable drivers have recently been on […]


Success – Tips to Succeed

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Success Our last post covered completing university deadlines, where success lied in managing you time and submitting your work. By completing the deadline, it meant you could get a grade and succeed by hopefully getting a degree. So how exactly do you succeed when it comes to goals away from university? In this post I […]


Power of Love – not giving up


Giving Up Dilemma When you are diagnosed with a life changing condition, giving up feels unavoidable. It puts you in a vulnerable state where you feel like your world has crumbled before you. Sometimes it can be difficult to cope and sometimes you are able to carry on like it’s the normal. Obviously, at times […]


5 skills you will learn at university


Starting University Going to university is a life changing experience as you will gain many life-changing skills from year 1 to last year and beyond. As someone who has already had experience at university, I will be giving you the five skills you will learn at university. In this post you will learn about all 5 with tips […]


Festivals and Disability – the leeds festival experience


First Act Leeds Festival is a place where various artists and groups share their music in front of vast audiences. Thousands of people attend Leeds Festival every year to enjoy these acts, including many with disabilities/ accessible needs. In this post I will be discussing my experience and thoughts on my experience at this years festival. […]


Deadlines – how to stay on top of them


Deadlines and Examinations Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines (and exams of course)… We all love them… Either you’re the type who get things done or lets procrastination settle in until the very last-minute and uses the adrenaline (plenty of caffeine too!) to help fuel you right until the deadline day strikes. One simple way to combat this […]