Better Passwords – awareness poster

Cyber Security

Insecure Passwords Picking a better password is not as difficult as it seems. You can create easy to remember passwords that are secure than most. Unfortunately, with the most common password list that was published by NCSC, it displayed a common problem – people were still using way too easy passwords. Even now “123456” was […]


Why consistent awareness training Is essential for better business security

Cyber Security

People Are Threats People are one of the most dangerous security threats your business could face. They can unintentionally do things that could lead to security vulnerabilities or threats exploit systems. Lack of raising awareness on best practices and the correct rules will mean your employees are more likely to fall for attacks, such as […]


Cyber security new year resolutions

Cyber Security

2019 is Here! With it almost being 2019, I thought it would be a good idea to do a post. Security is an ever-growing area so why not get ready to stay secure in the new year. If you haven’t seen our 2018 summary post, I’d recommend you check it out by going here. If […]


Let’s Talk about fake Facebook pages

Cyber Security, General

Dangers of Fake Pages Whether fall for those fake Facebook page competitions or not, you would have come across people on your news feed sharing fake competitions with some hope of winning. Yes, I understand the pages have a company name as their page name, so it must be real right? Wrong! 9/10 it is […]


How you can stay safe online

Cyber Security

Dangerous World The internet is a wonderful place to get everything you need but staying safe online has become even more difficult. Whether you are shopping, using social media or reading informational sources, attackers want your data. If you are not ready online, attackers will take advantage of you. This weeks Saturday Security aims to […]


7 things not to do with your password

Cyber Security

Passwords Stolen When your password is stolen, it can cause so much trouble. Many people use the same passwords, others share them and even sell their password. Unfortunately, some of the ways we store them are questionable. Up to 56% of UK people would sell their work passwords. As scary as it seems, it is […]


ImmersiveLabs – cyber security educational platform

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Industry Are you a student with an interest for Cyber Security? With a bigger need for cyber security jobs and attackers on the rise, it has never been a better time than ever to get into cyber security. Whether you are studying Cyber Security or not, having knowledge in this area is essential […]