Planning and Keeping Track of your Life – Daylio

Experiences, Technology

Planning your life Planning your lives can be a big hassle. I regularly find myself forgetting things I need to do, losing track of progress. There was never much time to keep trackĀ  on what I had acheived in the day, without spending too long writing it all down. For a while now I have […]


Let’s Talk About Foldable Phones…

General, Technology

Foldable Smartphones… Foldable phone is the hot topic at the minute. Both Samsung and Huawei have released their own variants of foldable phone with a range of new features, never seen in a phone before. We have seen phones over the years remove the bezel, go bezeless and introduce better and more intuitive features like […]


Let’s Talk About Why Your PC Build Won’t Work

General, Technology

PC Building Mistakes When building your PC as fast as you canĀ  (to start using), can cause you to make mistakes with your build. Whether your upgrading or change components, sometimes you will find yourself scratching your head about why the build you’ve spent hours completing doesn’t work. While it does panic you, it doesn’t […]


Padoq – Easy Community Organising


Organising Events Organising events, talking about common interests and planning to attend events together. All these things are what makes being part of a community, society or club worth it. However, on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, there are so many features. These make organising feel like a long excruciating task. There are […]


Tab for a Cause – Many Tabs, Large Impact.


Opening New Tabs Creating new tabs has been an internet browser feature since 1997 and has been useful for many people since. Assignments, keeping tabs to “read” later or while browsing generally. We either hate tab hoarding or not at all. Unfortunately, creating tabs have only really been used for personal reasons. Nothing ever comes […]


OnePulse – Where your opinions matter


Opinions Matter Do you want involvement in a community where your opinions or experiences matter? Communities are great ways of getting together and sharing your experiences. Whether it is your opinions on matters, past events or preferences. Sharing these are essential parts of communities. However, what if your opinions could get you some extra cash […]


Ryzen 3rd Gen – Should You Get AMDs New CPUs?


Ryzen 3rd Gen CPU If you’ve followed AMD, you would’ve heard of the new Ryzen 3rd gen processors. Obviously, with new CPUs and generation comes better power and performance. If you’re looking to upgrade your CPU soon, read on. It might be enough to help you decide what to upgrade to. What’s new? To be […]


How to Make the Most of Amazon – Amazon Smile


Online Marketplace After our recent post on Cashback, I decided to look at some alternative ways to raise money. Through some research online and from regularly shopping on a particular website, I was able to come across something great. Surprisingly, it is on a well know site known as Amazon who have a reported 310 […]


Cashback – 4 Websites Worth Using


Cashback Websites Cashback websites enable people to get something back when buying products online. Many cashback websites aim to give back money, vouchers, donations and points back to the customers for using their cashback website to track while they shop. In this post I will be sharing some of the top cashback websites that you […]


Pocophone F1 – The Affordable Phone You Need


Smartphone Market Over the last few years, we have seen companies like OnePlus release phones that are affordable in price. Although, what always seemed to happen was that prices would get higher each time a new smartphone gets released on the market. It is a common trend that turns many affordable phone companies into ‘premium’ […]