These 5 Tips will help you secure success

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Do you want success? Wanting success in your life is something many of us strive for. We want to do well but we also want to have fun. However at times we forget that dedication and hard work is required as much as enjoying yourself. At times we have to put extra effort into it […]


Blog Update #11 – Busy Times Ahead


Blog Update #11 Hi everyone and welcome to the monthly blog update, where I discuss what is planned for the month ahead. Previously we would cover what happened over the month before but this time I feel we should change the format a bit. More or less I will be talking more about what we […]


April 2019 – Blog Update #10


Guess what month it is? April! I am here and back with the latest blog update for you all to feast your eyes on. Last month we pretty relax with nothing exciting to see but social media started to expand more with a few new Facebook pages coming about. Anyway, let’s talk about what we […]


March 2019 – Blog Update #9


March Update is Here March 2019 update is here. Our monthly updates are a chance to reflect the previous month and discuss plans for the following month going forward. We have a range of things to discuss this month, with plenty of new features and ideas ready for the month ahead. Sit back, relax and […]


Let’s Talk About Foldable Phones…

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Foldable Smartphones… Foldable phone is the hot topic at the minute. Both Samsung and Huawei have released their own variants of foldable phone with a range of new features, never seen in a phone before. We have seen phones over the years remove the bezel, go bezeless and introduce better and more intuitive features like […]


Let’s Talk About Writing the Perfect Email


Art of Writing The Perfect Email So you want to write an email? Maybe your writing an email to explain something to someone, tell someone off or to discuss an urgent matter. No matter what you’re sending, it must be written correctly. One wrong sentence or word could make the conversation flow differently. Avoid doing […]


February 2019 – Blog Update #7


February 2019 The first month of the year is over and we are already in the 2nd month of the year, february 2019. Welcome to the latest installment of the Dynamic Double blog update. This is where we discuss the past month and the plans for the month ahead. We will be talking about the […]


Let’s Talk About Why Your PC Build Won’t Work

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PC Building Mistakes When building your PC as fast as you can  (to start using), can cause you to make mistakes with your build. Whether your upgrading or change components, sometimes you will find yourself scratching your head about why the build you’ve spent hours completing doesn’t work. While it does panic you, it doesn’t […]


January 2019 – Blog Update #6


New Year, New Month, New Update… Happy new year everyone! Hopefully you have all recovered from the festive celebration and ready as ever to take on 2019. You may feel distraught that you had to go back to work eventually but let’s look on the bright side, there’s a whole year to look forward to. […]


Let’s Talk About Fake Facebook Pages

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Dangers of Fake Pages Whether fall for those fake Facebook page competitions or not, you would have come across people on your news feed sharing fake competitions with some hope of winning. Yes, I understand the pages have a company name as their page name, so it must be real right? Wrong! 9/10 it is […]