Why you need to be using these cashback websites – 4 cashback websites worth using

Technology / Sunday, September 9th, 2018

Cashback Websites

Cashback websites enable people to get something back when buying products online. Many cashback websites aim to give back money, vouchers, donations and points back to the customers for using their cashback website to track while they shop. In this post I will be sharing some of the top cashback websites that you should be using.


First off we have TopCashBack which is my favourite cashback website out of the few we are covering today. The website itself provides a range of cashback options to choose from, way more than any other cashback sites around. As there are so many brands to choose going elsewhere is less tempting. All you need to do is search the brand you want, click on the ‘Get Cashback’ button and use the website as usual. TopCashBack will then track you buying the item and give cashback based on a percentage.

TopCashBack 'Get Cashback' Example

What makes this great is that you turn the money you earn into vouchers, which are worth more if you choose to get a gift-card over just cashing out to PayPal. It is very useful if you shop at certain stores regularly, with brands like Tesco and Currys PC World being available to choose from.

TopCashBack Rewards Example showing various brands like Tesco, Zeek e-Gift Card, M&S, etc...


I heard about this cashback website from someone in a student group. Basically, Boom25 provides users with cashback with the chance to win the full amount back. Crazy right? Similar to TopCashBack, you just need to go through this cashback website when you want to buy something and you’re good to go. Many offers on the dashboard show a number representing the chances of winning. Boom 8 means every 8th person wins and Boom 20 meaning every 20th person wins. In the image below, I show some of the brands available to choose from on Boom25.

Boom25 Dashboard Example with many brands to choose from displaying chances of winning.


Alternatively, if you want to donate all your cashback to charity then this website will be great for you. It is still similar to the other two websites I have covered in how you use it but the only difference is that it all goes to charity. All you do is select your charity, use the cash back offer and follow the same shopping procedure. There’s many charities available and you can even add your own charity cause if you get in contact! If you want to get your own cause involved, you can learn more by going here.

Another good thing about this cashback website is leader board, which allows members to see how much they have raised for charity compared to other. Although it promotes competition, it’s as smart way to get people to use the website for getting cashback. The EasyFundraising dashboard is great at highlighting the total amount raise by you and others donating to your cause.

EasyFundraising Cashback Example


It isn’t necessarily a cashback website but Honey does allow you to gain points towards cash when you shop online. What’s different with this is that it tries different promotion codes, which potentially can offer you savings. If by any chance no codes don’t work, you can simply use your student discount instead if you have it, but if you don’t I recommend that you sign up to something like UnidaysAfter purchasing a product after using Honey, you usually get points which can them be redeemed for vouchers and money off future purposes.

Honey Showcase Picture Cashback Post

Once ‘Apply Coupons’ is clicked on, it is just a matter of waiting for Honey to find a working code.

Luckily, Honey was able to find a suitable 10% code to get £4 off the earphone.

After purchasing the item, points will given to your account. As seen in the image below, I have 1,394 points pending on my account.

Example of the Honey rewards page with brands like Papa Johns to choose from.Conclusion

In conclusion cashback sites offer a good incentive to get some money back from online shopping. With many ways to use cashback, there is always a way to make use of cashback. There is also many ways to donate that make raising money for charity easier. The websites included should help you get started with using your first cashback website(s). 

Do you have any cashback website experiences? Tell us what cashback website experiences you have in the comments!

Last but not least, please don’t forget to keep checking back on the blog for future experiences, reviews and updates!