The face wash you need in 2019- Bulldog Skincare

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Bulldog Skincare

Bulldog Skincare is a UK-based company offering a variety of products to men. It is globally shipped and is available in more than 20 countries worldwide. The company itself started in 2006 and to this day are committed to giving the best face wash the UK has to offer Today I will be reviewing the Bulldog face wash to see if it really is a “Man’s Best Friend”. If you’re looking to change something about you in 2019, why not start from the face?

Product Range

They offer a variety of products, with a face washes, scrubs, moisturizer and general men care products like hair gel and shaving gel. Many of their products cover different skin types, such as normal, oily and sensitive skin types. Particularly, what’s good about this is that there is a product to suit their everyday grooming needs. The product itself is made from natural plant-based ingredients that isn’t tested on animals and is suitable for vegans. Although, the product itself is advertised for men, anyone can use it. Face wash after all is about what works for your face, not who the product was made for or marketed at.

Image of normal Bulldog SKincare set
Image of normal Bulldog Skincare set

Product Review


Bottles come in easy to use packaging, with the traditional squeeze bottles holding the product inside. When using these, I find them quite easy to use but do find if you squeeze too hard, a lot of the face wash falls out. If using the face wash and moisturizer, be gentle to avoid wasting too much gel. For the face scrub, it takes a bit more strength to squeeze but is easy on you. I’d recommend this for anyone who may struggle a bit physically to open things.

Application/ Use

In terms of the gel itself, I find it good quality. Obviously, when it came to washing my face,it cleans as intended. I’ve used the normal face wash, scrub and gel and find it doesn’t irritate my skin. As someone who typically has sensitive skin, it has proven useful at keeping my face feeling fresh. Once I got Bulldog in my daily routine, I noticed my face to be much softer when combining the face wash, scrub and moisturizer. If you’re interested in learning about the skin care range Bulldog has to offer, why not visit their dedicated page that describes the different types of skincare products.

Is Bulldog a Man’s Best Friend?

Hopefully after reading this post, you have a better idea if Bulldog is for you. If that’s a yes, then you can go buy it on their website, Amazon or at your local supermarket/ retailer. All this information can be found on their website. You can go to the Bulldog site by following this link. However, if you’d like to try something different to Bulldog, feel free to read my review on the 31st State product range. It’s similar to Bulldog in terms of cleaning your face, containing natural ingredients and not testing on animals.

Final Verdict

Finally, I do feel the skin care range offered is a man’s best friend and does a great job at aiding your routinely face wash routine. The product range is affordable, non-animal tested and practical face wash that does what it’s intended by cleaning and leaving you feeling fresh and your face feeling soft as a pillow.

Do you have a face wash you favour above the rest? Whether it is Bulldog or another product, why not tell us about the product in the comments below!

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