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Products / Friday, January 5th, 2018

Revolutionary Shaving

Shaving Subscriptions – Short Recap

Since shaving came it has come in a range of services from subscriptions, on demand via supermarket or online purchases and to services being available at the local barber. The main focus of shaving is to remove our unwanted hair from our face and bodies. Recently, there has been a new market for shaving, shaver subscriptions, giving us an alternative to mainstream shavers.

Last Shaving Subscription Review…

Previously, I covered Harry’s shaver subscription a great value subscription service for those wanting good quality and affordable blades. Even since then, there have been a few more shaving subscriptions coming to light. Plus, I have noticed a lot of these shaving subscriptions use similar blades, making these services feel the same, just with different marketing strategies or shaving cream to go with it. Other than the blades themselves, nothing feels different, it is just the same old shaving experience (from the ones I’ve tried). Not all shaving companies are strictly subscription services, many offer products on demand, rather you having to pay for new blades every other month when you don’t need them. Today I’m going to be reviewing a slightly different shaving service with something quite revolutionary about it.

What is BoldKing?

BoldKing is a service, which provides shaving products on demand and through a monthly subscription via BoldKingRepeat. What sets BoldKing apart from the others though is that the blades are spread out, meaning there is never any tugging while shaving.

Customer Choices

What is fantastic about its service is the flexibility for how customers can order. Don’t want a subscription? Buy directly from the store. Do you always forgetting to buy new blades? Go for the subscription service. There are many choices on the shop from starter kits to blade refills and wash bags, which are all fairly priced and are delivered fast.

Product Types

Starter Set

For those interested in getting Into using BoldKing, there is the starter set from £13, which includes:

  • 4x shaving blades.
  • Handle.
  • Aftershave cream (25ml).
  • Suction cup.
  • Shaving tips.

Additional Items:

  • 4x refill pack  – £8
  • 1x wash bag – £8.50
  • 1x replacement handle with 1x blade included – £6
  • Aftershave cream (50ml) – £4
  • Recycling envelope – £1.75


BoldKingRepeat provides customers with the choice to pay a fee monthly to get refill blades. It also comes with a 15% off discount off the products store, saving you money.


Fortunately, BoldKing encourage customers to recycle the blades with the recycle envelope product but due to those costing money, it is quite off-putting but great for those who want to spend the extra money to protect the environment. As for the aftershave cream and, I wouldn’t recommend these as you can get an alternative versions of these at the supermarket in bigger amounts.

Shaving quality

When ordering, I did not go for the starter set due to an offer on at the time but from trying the blades, I can confirm that the quality of the blades are good quality. There is no tugging whatsoever when using the blades due to the spacing so each shave is comfortable.

Although, due to the spacing of the blades, you will sometimes have to shave again to ensure all the leftover hairs are cut, as the spacing is something out of the ordinary for a shaving blade. Nonetheless, they are fantastic blades and shave exceptionally well.

I have only used 2 blades in 4 months since getting the handle and blade, great assuming most blades from previous online shaving services only last a couple of weeks.

BoldKing shaving handle and blade


In conclusion, BoldKing is a great alternative for those wanting the best quality online shaving blades:

  • They cater for customers who want blades on demand and for customers who want it at as a subscription service.
  • Suction cups are handy for placing the blade on the wall.
  • Blades are long-lasting and provide a comfortable shave.

For those wanting to purchase BoldKing products, please use the code as you get £1 off at the checkout: MTA5NJIYOA