Blog Update #11 – Busy Times Ahead

General / Sunday, May 19th, 2019

Blog Update #11

Hi everyone and welcome to the monthly blog update, where I discuss what is planned for the month ahead. Previously we would cover what happened over the month before but this time I feel we should change the format a bit. More or less I will be talking more about what we are doing going forward and save it for the yearly review posted at the end of the year. There hasn’t been enough content recently but with what is planned for ahead, hopefully there will be more content soon.

Busy Times Ahead

For this update I will be covering the months of May, June and July as over these months I will be quite busy attending events and starting University work for my upcoming final year. In the meantime, please accept my apologies for lack of content. Finding new things to write about has been difficult and finding the time to review products while maintaining motivation has been as equally difficult. Once everything is on track, maybe better and consistent content will come with it too.

Plans for Ahead

As for May 2019, I have been working on creating some new post. There are a couple of outstanding posts left to complete but those should be released later this month and into June and July.  What we have planned is as the following:

  • Bulldog soap range review. Around a month ago, I ordered some of Bulldogs new soap they released – the products aim to move from face wash to body wash in an attempt to expand their already environmentally friendly, animal cruelty free and skin conscious products further.
  • PennyLane Nottingham – arcade venue. Recently a new venue opened up in the Nottingham area so I decided to check it out for myself. See my experiences at this venue firsthand.
  • RAVE Coffee review – I will be reviewing a brand known as RAVE who delivery coffee beans to you. In the past we reviewed Bean to Door so thought it would be a good idea to give other coffee brand a try too.

We also have an array of Cyber Security Awareness themed posts on the way. These posts will help you combat daily security threats you may come across. In terms of themes, it will range from spam emails to passwords and physical threats.

That’s all for this update! If you enjoyed this update, please feel free to visit the Dynamic Double blog for future updates, experiences and more.

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