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Cyber Security / Saturday, May 18th, 2019

Insecure Passwords

Picking a better password is not as difficult as it seems. You can create easy to remember passwords that are secure than most. Unfortunately, with the most common password list that was published by NCSC, it displayed a common problem – people were still using way too easy passwords. Even now “123456” was one of the most common passwords used on average. As a way to help other people select better passwords, we have created a poster containing some of the tips you can follow to have a better password. Please see the poster below.

password poster with tips on how to have better passwords

Better Passwords Poster Tip Discussion

The Longer the Better

As long passwords take longer for attackers to guess, having a password with around 16 characters is a surefire way to stop this. Although, if your account where this password was breached, I would not recommend using the password still. At the point your password is involved in the breach, you should always change it immediately on all accounts where it is used.

Three Words Together

Another tip from the poster is use three words together as a password. With three word passwords, an attacker needs to guess three words correct before having an idea on what your password is. Additionally, if this was mixed with numbers and special characters, it makes it even harder for an attacker to guess it.

Sentences are Just as Easy as Words

If you can’t remember three words and number/ special characters, it is recommended you use sentences as a password. We choose this as a point mainly because this involves describing something you have done. As for the example in the poster “Iwenttotheshopstobuy1milk” it talks about a shopping experience. Obviously, please use your own sentence and don’t use this one assuming it is now visible on the web.

Password Manager Software

What you can do to enhance your passwords is use a password manager. Password managers let you create randomly generated passwords, which you can store it for when you need it. You can also copy passwords off the password manager when you need to sign in, meaning you will not need to type it out every time. On that front, you can create very long passwords that are above 16 characters, making it almost impossible for an attacker to guess it. We recommend using KeePass2, LastPass or something similar as a password manager for storing these more secure passwords.

Personal Passwords

Under no circumstances should you have a password based on something people can get from knowing you. Avoid using hobbies you do, places you have worked, football teams, food, drink, pet name or family name as a password. These passwords can be easily guessed if an attacker gets the right information about you off the internet. Luckily, this can be mitigated slightly by putting your social media accounts on private settings.


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