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Products / Sunday, September 30th, 2018

Face Washing

Washing yourself is a key part of your life as it enables you to remove all the dirt accumulated over the day. Although, at times its difficult to find the right face/ body wash. Many available claim to so wonders on your face and forget the simple nature of what a face and body wash should be. Fortunately, there’s a brand that does that just right with a good balance of products to choose from – 31st State!

31st State

31st State is a brand with sensitive skin in mind. They offer an array of products that focus on keeping you clean through the use of natural ingredients. With Zinc, Copper and Silver being ingredients being mixed in, it provides the perfect cleaning combo. There is also a large range of products to choose from, ranging from face wash, to body wash to spot gel and hair gel. No matter what you need, 31st State have you covered!

31st State product range

Using the Product

Face wash

As the face wash comes in a bottle with a pump, it allows it to come out like foam, which makes putting the product on your face easier than ever due to the foaming effect already being there. Washing it off is even easier with the solution being easily washed off with a wet flannel. However, when its applied along side the gel spot cream and clearing pads, it provides a strong combination to tackle those pesky spots you get now and then.

Body Wash

Alternatively, if you are looking for a sensitive body wash, look no further! The 31st State 2-in-1 body and hair wash is the perfect solution as it uses a sensitive formula that gently cleans your body without those chemicals causing irritation, due to the formulas natural ingredients. After using this countless times, I have always felt clean after every wash as well as smelling great due to it’s subtle but fresh smell.

31st State Website

Obviously they would sell it on the 31st State website. They have all the products readily available for you to buy and are always doing bulk purchase offers. Not only that but they offer discount too, with up to 10% off if you sign up to their newsletter. Great for those who want to try out all the products and support 31st State directly.


Amazon has it all, even 31st State products. If you shop regularly on Amazon, it makes sense to get it from here. You could even help a charity raise some money by buying the 31st State face wash too. Previously, we covered Amazon Smile, so be sure to check out our that post by clicking here


Alternatively, if you want to take advantage of student discount, ASOS is the perfect place to get 31st State. They sell it at the same price of the other two but with 10% and premier delivery (if you haven’t got it already) you can save the hassle of buying it elsewhere. You can also rack up some cheeky vouchers to go towards future purchases on ASOS too! If you don’t have Student Discount, you can get it through signing up to Unidays, which I will be covering in a later blog post.


31st State have the perfect face and body wash for those who have sensitive skin in mind. They sell easy to use face and body wash that leaves you feeling clean all day, with other products to suit every aspect of your self-care routine. While you can’t do everything in one day, you can at least start by looking after your body through selecting the correct face and body wash.

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