PennyLane Nottingham – Venue Experience

Food and Drink

Seaside Days – PennyLane Remember those days as a child where you went to the seaside – enjoying the sun, building sand castles on the beach, eating ice creams, etc. We all loved to relax and enjoy ourselves. When you wasn’t on the beach, you would be hitting up the amusement arcades. What if you […]


Blog Update #11 – Busy Times Ahead


Blog Update #11 Hi everyone and welcome to the monthly blog update, where I discuss what is planned for the month ahead. Previously we would cover what happened over the month before but this time I feel we should change the format a bit. More or less I will be talking more about what we […]


Better Passwords – Awareness Poster

Cyber Security

Insecure Passwords Picking a better password is not as difficult as it seems. You can create easy to remember passwords that are secure than most. Unfortunately, with the most common password list that was published by NCSC, it displayed a common problem – people were still using way too easy passwords. Even now “123456” was […]