Rum and Coke – The Perfect Mix

Food and Drink

Rum and Coke Our first drinksperience drink I will be covering is the traditional rum and coke. It’s my all time favorite drink to have in the evenings and on weekends and the sweet flavor never dissapoints me. This recipe goes well with any dark or spiced rum and is great if you don’t like […]


Let’s Talk About Foldable Phones…

General, Technology

Foldable Smartphones… Foldable phone is the hot topic at the minute. Both Samsung and Huawei have released their own variants of foldable phone with a range of new features, never seen in a phone before. We have seen phones over the years remove the bezel, go bezeless and introduce better and more intuitive features like […]


Importance of Accessibility – Disabled Access Day 2019


Accessibility Is Important As its disabled access day is next month I felt it would be a good idea to talk about the event in celebration. I also felt this was the perfect opportunity to emphasise the importance of accessibility for myself and others alike. The day itself will celebrate the accomplishments made to making […]


Let’s Talk About Writing the Perfect Email


Art of Writing The Perfect Email So you want to write an email? Maybe your writing an email to explain something to someone, tell someone off or to discuss an urgent matter. No matter what you’re sending, it must be written correctly. One wrong sentence or word could make the conversation flow differently. Avoid doing […]


February 2019 – Blog Update #7


February 2019 The first month of the year is over and we are already in the 2nd month of the year, february 2019. Welcome to the latest installment of the Dynamic Double blog update. This is where we discuss the past month and the plans for the month ahead. We will be talking about the […]