Let’s Talk about 10p plastic bags

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5p Plastic Bags to 10p Plastic Bags Changes are being made to shopping bags. They’re going from 5p to 10p but will this make it harder for some to afford them. It may even encourage less to buy shopping bags and remember to take their own. In this Let’s Talk, I will be giving my […]


Cyber security new year resolutions

Cyber Security

2019 is Here! With it almost being 2019, I thought it would be a good idea to do a post. Security is an ever-growing area so why not get ready to stay secure in the new year. If you haven’t seen our 2018 summary post, I’d recommend you check it out by going here. If […]


Let’s Talk about fake Facebook pages

Cyber Security, General

Dangers of Fake Pages Whether fall for those fake Facebook page competitions or not, you would have come across people on your news feed sharing fake competitions with some hope of winning. Yes, I understand the pages have a company name as their page name, so it must be real right? Wrong! 9/10 it is […]


Let’s Talk about HMV – highstreet problem


HMV going into Administration!? It’s no surprise that HMV went into administration again this year, since its last one in 2013. Lack of customers, streaming services and games going digital. Many of these reasons relate to how we can enjoy our entertainment through our homes. All it takes is a touch of a button or […]


Let’s Talk about Christmas – important aspects


Festive Time of Year Happy holidays everyone! Its Christmas today and many people will be waking up to prepare for their festive day. While Christmas does mean presents, food and drinking, it has one other important aspects. Spending time with those important to you, celebration, food, drink and joy. Some of these aspects are what […]


Let’s Talk about drones – Gatwick airport closure


UPDATE 23/12/2018: The two people arrested for being suspected to have cause Gatwick disruption were released with no charge. Drones Causing Cancellations Very recently, over 760 flights and 140,000 passengers were affected because of a drones flying on the Gatwick airport runway. The two concerned in the event were eventually arrested but the impact was […]


OnePulse – where your opinions matter


Opinions Matter Do you want involvement in a community where your opinions or experiences matter? Communities are great ways of getting together and sharing your experiences. Whether it is your opinions on matters, past events or preferences. Sharing these are essential parts of communities. However, what if your opinions could get you some extra cash […]


Let’s Talk about the new gutenberg editor


WordPress 5.0 WordPress 5.0 was released recently with its new Gutenberg editor and has already sparked discussion in the WordPress community.¬†Writer and bloggers alike are complaining about how difficult it is to use, including myself. Unfortunately, for me this was because of my lack of understanding of the new editor. There so much to do […]


How you can stay safe online

Cyber Security

Dangerous World The internet is a wonderful place to get everything you need but staying safe online has become even more difficult. Whether you are shopping, using social media or reading informational sources, attackers want your data. If you are not ready online, attackers will take advantage of you. This weeks Saturday Security aims to […]