7 things not to do with your password

Cyber Security

Passwords Stolen When your password is stolen, it can cause so much trouble. Many people use the same passwords, others share them and even sell their password. Unfortunately, some of the ways we store them are questionable. Up to 56% of UK people would sell their work passwords. As scary as it seems, it is […]


Let’s Talk about smombies


Smombie Epidemic Addicted to your phone? It might actually be enough to get yourself killed! Smartphones are common devices used by us today. While they do come in handy to get into contact with people and manage daily tasks, they can also be dangerous to us too. Addiction, using it while we drive and even […]


Success – Tips to Succeed

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Success Our last post covered completing university deadlines, where success lied in managing you time and submitting your work. By completing the deadline, it meant you could get a grade and succeed by hopefully getting a degree. So how exactly do you succeed when it comes to goals away from university? In this post I […]


ImmersiveLabs – cyber security educational platform

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Industry Are you a student with an interest for Cyber Security? With a bigger need for cyber security jobs and attackers on the rise, it has never been a better time than ever to get into cyber security. Whether you are studying Cyber Security or not, having knowledge in this area is essential […]