31st State : The Sensitive Routine Wash


Face Washing Washing yourself is a key part of your life as it enables you to remove all the dirt accumulated over the day. Although, at times its difficult to find the right face/ body wash. Many available claim to so wonders on your face and forget the simple nature of what a face and […]


How to Make the Most of Amazon – Amazon Smile


Online Marketplace After our recent post on Cashback, I decided to look at some alternative ways to raise money. Through some research online and from regularly shopping on a particular website, I was able to come across something great. Surprisingly, it is on a well know site known as Amazon who have a reported 310 […]


OnePlus 6T – No Headphone Jack?


OnePlus Bullets The OnePlus USB-C bullets were yesterday on their social media pages. These headphones will be sold alongside their next phone later this year. The new device will have better specs than the OnePlus 6 model. As I have already covered what the OnePlus 6T and have covered the headphone jack, I want to […]


September 2018 – Dynamic Double Blog Update #2


Dynamic Double – September 2018 Throughout August and September there have been many new features and posts being released for Dynamic Double. Ecosia, Festival Accessibility, Pocophone F1, University and Cashback  topics being covered over the past 2 months, showing how the content has evolved. I have also been more involved in sharing posts around by engaging […]


Cashback – 4 Websites Worth Using


Cashback Websites Cashback websites enable people to get something back when buying products online. Many cashback websites aim to give back money, vouchers, donations and points back to the customers for using their cashback website to track while they shop. In this post I will be sharing some of the top cashback websites that you […]


Pocophone F1 – The Affordable Phone You Need


Smartphone Market Over the last few years, we have seen companies like OnePlus release phones that are affordable in price. Although, what always seemed to happen was that prices would get higher each time a new smartphone gets released on the market. It is a common trend that turns many affordable phone companies into ‘premium’ […]


Five Skills You Will Learn at University


Starting University Going to university is a life changing experience as you will gain many life-changing skills from year 1 to last year and beyond. As someone who has already had experience at university, I will be giving you the five skills you will learn at university. In this post you will learn about all 5 with tips […]