2017 – The Year in Review


Year Dynamic Double Started Dynamic Double has been around for almost 1 year now and there has been great development on the blog and social media accounts since starting in February at the start of this year. Even though there hasn’t been many blog posts, there has been a lot of work going into the […]


Restream – The Multi-streaming Platform


Importance of Streaming Streaming provides people with the ability to share their interests, whether it be for gaming, talking to their viewers or doing giveaways to their viewers. Streaming can be done via many devices including, mobile, console, PC, tablets and cameras. Twitch is the largest live streaming service for gamers with around 500,000 to […]


Smart Home Technology – Accessibility at Home


Smart Home Technology? Smart home technology are devices created to automate our lives. They have only started being used more in our homes and it’s that around 25% of the UK population have a minimum of one smart home device as suggested in a study by Data Select in 2016. Smart technology can range from managing […]